Play big screen readers spicy review 】 【 phone boy has superiority, it is said that their girlfriend cups are great

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hunting cloud network readers are too rapeseed, a few pen all show strength. “Readers spicy review” column is born to you drop! Select daily cloud network hunting reader comments, come and share your talent.



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boy play big screen mobile phone has the superiority, it is said that their girlfriend cups are great. Think close to

cloud network hunting: brother, don’t connotation, tell us what you mean.

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is what say a somebody else make apple advertising creative and beautiful, that are based on, you see somebody else please people, rather than the beauty is a handsome boy, from the taste will kill the soil terrapin!

cloud network: hunting can’t pop idol and strength both?

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this kind of thing has been for several years. When do joyo, aged is proud to use very small amounts of cash, with suppliers money work, the company to carry for half a year? That the pursuit of the ultimate goal of only two: 1, sell it, someone flange. Use large amounts of cash to clear. 2, listing, with financing to pay arrears, to expand again. If these two goals are unable to reach, the man will die. Suppliers was destined to be cannon fodder.

cloud network hunting: old have a dream does not matter, but also the money before you know, dream is not to be used for dinner.

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finish see this review, didn’t think this phone much good… How so many weibo said yes. And mediatek’s plan to sell 2222, allocation of more than 799 red rice is not good, I don’t what to rob meters 3? Even not rob m 3 m 2 s still open to sell. What the design the most artistic, cell phone will be brought to use, treasures outside its defeat garrulous among them, means nothing.

cloud network: hunting on 2222 yuan a little what you think?