“Platform” dreams, Microsoft Bing, you do?

abstract: the Bing, Bing search) make it the world’s largest search engine, has always been an unrealistic of the Microsoft dream. But it is never give up on Bing for hope, the Microsoft even fantasy Bing will eventually achieve Windows application “empire”.

Microsoft developers conference on Wednesday, Bing was take out the “hype”. The Microsoft’s promise to the user is “creating a Bing search platform”. To be honest, when I heard the news, I’m not shocked. So for years, Microsoft has been with Google “network service” war. As the PC era “aristocratic”, want to and the emerging Internet “giant” competition is the only way, is to “deal with a man as he deals with you,” the head of “shooting”. See Google search make big data platform, Microsoft how willingly. Although on the speed and the algorithm is far better than Google, can be in Microsoft’s view, Bing is the only way to fight with competitors “magic weapon”.

don’t think I’m a paranoia, if anyone ask Microsoft’s person, you will be the same with me. In march, I attended the Microsoft technology BBS, in that meeting, Chief Strategy Officer (devoted to Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie, (Craig Mr Mundie) was explained to us the importance of Bing for Microsoft’s future development. He said: “as an element of infrastructure, Bing has a long-term strategic significance.” Online Services part of the President of Qi Lu (Online Services Division President Qi Lu) also expressed the same view: “Bing as a platform, can put all of the information gathered together, and will have a profound impact on the future of the digital society.”

Microsoft headquarters slogan on metope, clearly and concisely summarized the company at this time of the situation. if you can’t learn from competitors, well, that is to learn from Google, so in the world of all network connections, Google will engulf the Microsoft domain.

over the years, the development of Google has been holding the openness, provides the corresponding API for developers and Map application technology, etc. In addition, the algorithm of scientific, speech video recognition technology and cloud computing, etc., for the Google today, laid a solid foundation. Microsoft, by contrast, has been in the shackles of traditional ideas and cannot extricate oneself. Although, Microsoft took out “bets” “bets”, in the field of cloud services and mobile and power games and content through the Xbox and other products (application) production business, but it is not like Google open technology and related data. Technology gap and conservative idea, ultimately limits the Bing may be the fate of a cloud platform.

you know, really care about user and market is high quality application itself, rather than application provider. If Bing can offer users a better product, and the corresponding technology developer divide to third party developers and data, then maybe in the future it dreams to accomplish their own platform.