Pinterest rival The Fancy $53 million valuation of $600 million

social news no less exposure, lately, we know the Pinterest website 20 $, and recently also rose slightly. And now, it is said that from the New york star The Fancy is worth more than 6 $ $! According to bloomberg, The Fancy already from American express and will Smith that 5300 investment dollars.

according to the report, the company’s monthly sales as 300 dollars, the company’s total valuation about 6 . The The Fancy 6000 $financing, Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey is one of the investors.

the The Fancy it is really a lot of good, the first is to help keep the rival Pinterest and Wanelo leading position, while the latter is due to become the “nouveau riche” thrusting.

The Pinterest now is the leading social shopping, Wanelo CEO Deena hit Varshavskaya said in a meeting, when it comes to business, we are seeing a transition process, now, is to tell us what to buy brand, and in the future, I think, due to the emergence of the Internet an equal platform, such as Pinterest , Wanelo and The Fancy , information collection will be more open and transparent, at that time, we will shop around to find the right products.

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