Pinterest recipe for success: catch a lot of young, considerable female users received a good education and income

guide language: the creation of just three years Pinterest recently completed a new round of the $200 million financing, valuation also rose to $2.5 billion. What causes Pinterest grow so fast? Analysis pointed out that a large number of excellent female users is the main reason behind the success of the Pinterest.

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Pinterest has a large number of excellent female users

now, the number of monthly unique visitors in Pinterest is 25 million, among them there are large number of young, considerable female users received a good education and income.

pr work in Minnesota Rebecca about odd (Becca Bijoch) is a typical example. Previously, a ratio of about 26, in the busy after a day’s work will choose to go shopping, enjoy the pleasure of the entity shop shopping. She is not too cold for Internet shopping.

but when she started using Pinterest last year, everything changed. Pinterest this picture sharing website based on interest attracted her immediately. She said she saw on Pinterest website finally was she bought all the things from kitchen utensils to, almost a not leak.

about said: “I spend money on shopping may be much more than before. Now I often drink two cups of red wine at night lying on the couch watching the photos on Pinterest. I tell everyone I know that Pinterest has changed my life.” It seems that she but for Pinterest up her shopping spending don’t regret at all.

Pinterest is the number of monthly unique visitors in the history of the Internet is the fastest 10 million independent website, now its monthly visitors has increased to 25 million. Pinterest users have a large portion of the quality is like than about odd user: women, young, received a good education, and it has considerable disposable income.

Pinterest, on average, each user income is higher than other social media platforms

retailers are chasing these high-quality user, but it’s often difficult to catch them, because there is no advertising Pinteres is a website, and web site users to share photos very much. Although on Facebook and Twitter platform many retailers have discovered a method of interacting with customers, but they are still not clear how to use Pinterest the platform.

as a try, many retailers have joined Pinterest category on their host, created its own class Pinterest type waterfalls flow web pages, but also a portion of the push marketing its popularity. Pinterest say it does not track user behavior and data within the station, but now there are a lot of ancillary services, to help the brand merchants research how to use Pinterest platform to create income.

HelloInsights specializes in Santa monica, California city Pinterest use behavior of the company, the company CEO keira Brennan (Kyla Brennan) said: “Pinterest is a big window shopping platform, it help people find what they really like. It is based on interest share many of the pictures can let users when shopping Encouraged to become some impulse.”

in the field of electronic commerce, experts said Pinterest every user of the revenue generated more than any other social media sites. While Facebook has more than 1 billion users, is the world’s biggest social networking site, and it is also one of the main driving force to promote the growth of amount of shopping, but each user’s income is still inferior to Pinterest.

according to the data, electronic business consultants RichRelevance Pinterest on shoppers spend $170 per quarter. Shoppers on Facebook and Twitter, by contrast, the average quarterly cost just $95 and $70 respectively.

Pinterest on fan for cheaper

Pinterest until now only three years, the company recently completed a new round of the $200 million financing, after completion of the round Pinterest’s valuation has risen to $2.5 billion.

now have a large number of fans on Pinterest important retail brands including L.L. Bean (more than 5 million fans), Nordstrom (more than 4 million fans) and Lululemon Athletica (nearly 2 million fans); Some other retail brands such as Gap and Urban Outfitters fans now though it is not much, but it is still growing.

most retailers on Pinterest operation is in the charge of their social media team, but they are on Pinterest platform adopted with social media such as Facebook and Twitter different operating strategies, because the content of the Pinterest display is not according to the timeline, but by interest. For example, Nordstrom on Facebook every day highlights two products sell like hot cakes in the quarter, but in Pinterest page posted is a group of fashionable life.

tracking study social media usage PinLeague consulting company CEO Daniel Malone said Daniel Maloney, with no direct Pinterest page ads, and its users continues to increase, so the major merchants to acquire new users on Pinterest website marketing costs is lower than other sites. He said: “now get a fan on Pinterest cost between 1 cents to 50 cents, and a fan of Facebook is as high as 50 cents to $2.5. “

Pinterest social marketing is different from Facebook and Twitter

on Pinterest platform is the most effective way to gain the fans are not preoccupied with go to sell their products. , for example, L.L. Beans the most popular one plate is dedicated to the release of photos related to woodland creatures, a photograph of the sector’s most popular recently is a disguised as bat cat.

L.L. Beans, a senior public relations representative Laurie Brooks (Laurie Brooks), said: “although we will monitor from Pinterest platform to lead the traffic to and, but I did not put the Pinterest is treated as a sales channel.” She added that from our monitoring data, every user on Pinterest consumption than other social media platforms, and the number of users and the platform continues to increase, although the total number of users with Facebook also.

just like many other retailers, L.L. Beans not through Pinterest platform to promote sales promotion activities, but some sponsored the race. Nordstrom, too, in January, it related planning a wedding. Nordstrom social media team manager Brian Gary pew (Bryan Galipeau) said: “during the activity of our fans to share a lot of beautiful pictures. Our plate does not focus on discount or coupon promotions. We think the Pinterest, in a broader environment is more important to look at, because of our users is so think about it.”

fashion retailer share “polite” in Pinterest contest winners provide shopping package worth $2500, to encourage women to share their wedding photos. Other fashion brand also held similar activities. Anyway, everything is based on the interest and common interests, rather than direct advertising or product sales. (Zhu Fei of sina science and technology)