Pinterest launch an analysis services: to help distributors and content owners to determine which of the service content from their website

according to foreign media reports, last month raised $200 million after the Pinterest announced an analysis services, efforts to the pursuit of commercial ready.

had previously told Reuters, a spokesman for the company to launch a analytical services to help distributors and content owners to determine what “nail” in the service of content from their website. The analysis services called Pinterest Web Analytics, will be provided free of charge at the beginning, but industry watchers say this is the first step to attract revenue is reasonable, because the website can be expanded to provide quality content in the future.

Pinterest is not the first company to provide quality analysis service, launch the move also has a lot of reasons. Company’s services have been several large-scale retail brands such as Gap and dell used in great quantities, and also very welcomed by users, Pinterest is among the top 50 sites, this means that the user and the data for further analysis may get other enterprises.

the company product manager Kate lee told Reuters explained: “our goal is to help the website to see what content resonate Pinterest users.”

Pinterest valuation of about $3.5 billion, in addition to financing in February, the company after the financing including secondary sales and $30 million by a Japanese electronics retailer lotte (ex) brought round of $100 million in financing. Lotte investment attracted special attention, this is because the Pinterest service based on image and lotte, amazon and other companies take retail mode between certain synergistic effect.