Perspective of smart watches the “true” and “false” to see the future of development

(editor: zhai chapter)

the concept of smart watches from a functional machine age to have been fired for nearly ten years now, but no any improvement. Technology giant Microsoft has launched as early as 2003 SPOT smart watches, but the market did not because he is a giant and give him any good looks, in four years after the launch has entered the history of science and technology museum.

now, software and hardware technology has passed several orders of magnitude of ascension, and the development of smart phones also reached the bottleneck period, the concept of the smart watch is getting hot. As a second screen products, smart watch these sentient beings to us what’s the meaning of substance? In various technology giant rushed to the force, advocating the concept behind, he how much is the true, the nature of what is false?

in the finish after the detailed review of the “cloud network, let us with a real novelty, to explore a smart watches of true and false.

return to nature, demand winning

smart watches, we saw the word “smart a glance, then ultimately found the smart watch this reference directly, the result is the smart watches in our mind is a smaller version of the smartphone. This is obviously narrow. While the existing smart watches image also deepened the stereotype.

so smart watches back to watch the nature of what is a what kind of things?

watch, said from the function of traditional watches is a portable timing tool, with functions of timing, timing, decoration and so on. Today’s smart watches is on the basis of the original function and advanced chip module, to provide more for the monitoring and control of the weather, health, high-tech features, convenience and improve the life of human beings.

from the aspects of humanities, watches with taste, fashionable, showing a person’s life habits and aesthetic consciousness, showing a person’s physical presence. Is similar to a hair band, earrings and wear it to walk up thing is changed. And different style, different wear influence on people’s body language, is also obviously different. This is already in the function of the mobile phone to replace the watch, watch is why there are still a large number of chaser.

from the experience of operation, the watch has a unique rotating shaft operation and compact keystrokes two modes, although there is no advantage in convenience, but elegant, retro experience is why so many people love table right. Similarly, smart phones can rise, largely thanks to full of sense of science and technology, the sensitive touch experience.

as a whole, the adornment of the watch is greater than the function significance, the consciousness of humanity is greater than the convenient operation. Taste and aesthetic is the soul of him. This is the largest use of traditional watch market demands. Smart watches to gain from traditional watch market, stick to the smartphone platform consciousness is not desirable.

aesthetic broken, operating more flowers

at present, the smart watch has not yet formed the rigid demand, while the cluster number of big-name manufacturers under the condition of planting plots, rely on science and technology enthusiasts, geek a curious cavity and the market is not long.

so, smart watch will be in the early development from traditional watch market. And traditional watch is artistic decorations, embodies the watch with people’s aesthetic taste. Smart watches as soon as possible to open the market, and not like a smartphone blindly hardware packing, into more, but a unique appearance and operating mode.

industrial mechanical watches, electronic watches, smart watches, hunting cloud network strongly expect from him to feel the feeling of sense of science and technology and the future.

now smart watches, appearance or to imitate the traditional watches, or smart phones smaller version, hurriedly to join more smartphone functions. In the mode of control are more blindly learning smartphones – wish all button to remove. Completely forget that this is a smart watch!

smart watches, because of the limitation of wear watches manipulation to small screen. Such a small screen, for touch screen operation is difficult to like smart phones to cast a fist, formal operation, inconvenience. Touch screen for smart watches can be a feature, by the touch screen operation experience in competition with smart phones, it is unwise.

smart watches the natural small stature, make physical shortcut keys together, appear more unique and convenient in operation. Traditional watch various forms of physical key operation, also apart from the natural to manipulate smart watches experience.

and there will be someone mentioned too many and complicated physical buttons, the operation of the smart watch will increase the difficulty. For this problem, smart watches small screen than smartphones was originally a difficult operation, intelligent people watch demand, in such a few key learning should not be a problem. In real the first generation of smart watch when the user has not yet appeared, to talk about several physical shortcut operations difficult problem, is redundant.

functional experience, price is

what is smart watch for? Push the message? Make a phone call? Health management?

this can have. Therefore, a lot of smart watches the smartphone directly to the narrow, bring stunt: create a function completely copy, how much our configuration is complete! But obviously, these are cumbersome, it will only increase more electricity. And a lot of hardware function can request data from the smartphone.

smart watches the characteristics of natural small screen, doomed to the many functions of a smartphone is inappropriate. Smart watches now based on the smart phone system, the most important thing is that on a small screen on the system of addition and subtraction. Will fit well, practical function will be remove useless things. Close and convenient small feature to stick to the user.

but smart watch use the practical application function, how to do everything smartphone stolen just need in the teeth, form their own user habit?

in hunting cloud network just review the grand GEAK smart watches, discovered the smart watch application experience of this a few bright spots:

news alerts. Because the smart watch to wear on your wrist, new messages to remind is very sensitive and easy to be the first time. For the message to remind extremely sensitive business people, this is a sticky very big market.

music function. Smart watch music function may be not as fancy smartphones manipulation and comfort. But don’t use smart watch music experience has a flavor, specific can read cloud network hunting the experience GEAK cloud evaluation hunting 】 【 smart watches avant-garde sense of science and technology in a detailed review of music function.

as a result, cloud network hunting for smart watches are available from the following aspects to expand the user habit, get over the world.

first, copy smartphone backyard.

will be transferred to the weakness of the smartphone function relatively has more advantages of smart wristwatch. For example: information reading function. Smart phones due to the large screen, when reading experience of information, not only consumes too fast, and take very inconvenience. While transferring such functionality to the smart watches, has obvious advantages. Function and application of smart watches, there will be a large aspects for smart phones weak function of strengthening and improving.

second, provide differentiated experience.

example: music function. Smartphone function of music is very good, but in listening to the music mobile phone problem to carry and headache. But never smart watch such a problem, and in listening to the music of the manipulation of the experience and the smartphone is completely different. In a large number of artificial intelligent mobile phone battery, and the other with MP3 case, smart watch a large market potential in this respect.

third, unique practical function.

for example, health monitoring and management. Born smart watch closely contact with human body, can do a smart phone can’t do that, the precision of monitoring to human body health. So the function of the killer, “a born beauty does not block.

in respect of price. As a result of current smart watches because of strict limits on the power consumption of, in the configuration on the relatively much lower compared with smart phone. On the basis of continuation of existing smartphone hardware, then compare now hold dual-core tablet has pull out the cost as low as one hundred yuan level, smart watches do low price without any problems.

a can help smartphone saving electricity, have good adornment effect, coupled with practical health monitoring function, low price to the attached with, try to ask the customers will be rejected? Anyway, for most users, the low price is the best user experience.

application extension, imagining the future

smart watch platform, is among the international giant heart smart watches for another reason. To replace part and strengthen smartphone weak function of smart watches, what the application extension “can take advantage of”?

the application of smart watches should revolve around the following characteristics:

the first, the heavy information, light input.

smart phone screen features, making smart phones in the information while reading, power consumption, and for im reading it looks trouble. Smart watches is too small, makes input becomes quite difficult. Users also tend to get more valuable information and make rapid response to use voice. To sum up, on a smartphone all the functions and application of operation value is not high, can be transferred to the smart wristwatch.

in the second place, many screen interaction, body feeling.

use mobile phone, computer screen to other convenient manipulation of the smart watch is the necessary function, intelligent side, smart phones and watches the same points with the computer, will have more unique control mode. The smart watches as the operation of other equipment body feeling control instrument, is a big direction develop smart watches experience pleasure, but also improve the smart watch user viscosity will choose the direction in the future.

example: grand GEAK fast reply function of the smart watches in SMS audio response, is the use of more interactive screen, please enter the features. In the use of voice response function is, must be your communication both on phone is equipped with a text message. This in providing convenient at the same time, also promote the have your messages.

smart watch fights in the future, due to the strict requirement of the battery, the hardware will not his stunt. Smart hardware so competition will be into the novel experience and system optimization.

use a words meaning: smart watches are whole long period of division, close long will points.

smartphones too assertive, eat too much, swallow not bottom go to, now to be part of the function, is the smart watch.

smart watches in the future is really good, but who can successfully open the market, how to dig the value, become the final winner, it is unclear.

smart watches, so that a sound provoking love dearly, maverick product. Not literally get several tall giant a luck can win popular support, thus the way smooth. He still need to follow the user requirements, with unique experience wins the market, the future can be more walk more wide.

judge a person by his appearance, novel and winning, parity, which place, step by step completes the basic user needs and experience, is the only way out to he can be the tipping point!

user needs, user experience, where is it?