Personalized education concept

Educational program editor
Learning psychology test → subject knowledge test → discipline expert consultation → subject experts to develop a “personal learning counseling program” suitable for students; front-line backbone teacher counseling, learning manager full track, psychological counseling regular psychological adjustment.
Group education editor
According to the characteristics of the students themselves, and with reference to the results of the comprehensive assessment, students volunteer to participate in the study group. The group is taught by excellent middle and primary school teachers, focusing on academic performance and learning ability, while cultivating the collective learning ability and mutual learning habits of students. Keep up with the normal teaching progress, test out the ideal result. Learning psychology test → subject knowledge test → grade of the same, learning ability, academic achievement close to three to six people to form a learning group → subject experts to develop “group learning counseling program”;
Math, language, English, chemistry (secondary only), physics (secondary only) Tutors take turns readings and tutoring every night Monday through Friday. Subject specialists regularly focus their attention on the learning manager’s follow-up and psychological counselors on a regular basis.
Concept summary editor
Personalized education concept Advocating people-oriented, teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes, is the influential primary and secondary personal education institutions Ping Meng education first proposed and increasingly perfect quality education and complementary concepts of science and education, into Xiaosheng primary, secondary entrance examination, college entrance examination Pro forma preparation, the main purpose is to develop students’ self-learning ability and examination ability. [1] mainly includes six aspects:
1, develop interest in learning, this is the source of learning power;
2, to improve learning habits, this is the daily learning requirements;
3, improve learning efficiency, this is the essence of the competition of learning;
4, improve the learning character, this is a manifestation of learning temperament;
5, improve the learning method, which is the theoretical realization of learning;
6, to strengthen the examination ability, this is the last word learning results.
The above six points rely on each other, mutual causation, are indispensable, unified constitute the core of the concept of personalized education content of the six elements.