Perfect world CEO xiao wu: to strengthen game and cooperation between the film and television

in today’s China international digital interactive entertainment exhibition (Chinajoy) peak BBS, perfect CEO Xiao Hong and gold writers in the world are senior media person, writer, under the auspices of Mr Timothy chao together “game and film and television assets of” is discussed in this paper.

the background of the story is very interesting. In the positive studio “smile the ao river’s lake” in the first half of the hit, and perfect world game demo “thrive OL”, since the public beta cause players. The timing is more intriguing, the Chinajoy is radio and television and the general administration of press and publication after the merger the first major exhibition, after both sides director of the film and television and how to integrate the game, will lead to the outside world.

because GongSuo heart jade “Liu Zhen legend” “smile the ao river’s lake” wait for a great success and is known as the gold producer in the positive, expressed his view of fusion for the film and television and games, he thinks the film and television consumption are disposable, finished watching it, the game can be this kind of entertainment.

Xiao Hong said, games and film and television development relatively independent each other in the past, but this time the game “thrive OL” into a lot of film and television, such as between players, often have a story with cinema and performance. He said that the film and television and the game should have a lot of cooperation between points.

in thought, TV series and games have many common place, such as “Liu Zhen legend”, difficult to conquer, resembles a cage in a game. Talk about “smile the ao river’s lake” of cooperation, in with Xiao Hong admits just meet for the first time yesterday, but the two sides have been in communication and cooperation. On games “smile the ao river’s lake” of aestheticism CG is revealed to his impressive. While Xiao Hong jokingly suggested in the positive play more games, know the players, are helpful to television production.

the conversation, in the positive expressed very want to perfect and deepen the cooperation intention. He to perfect world’s popular network novel is very interested in “the king”, willing to made into a TV series, and the depth of the project cooperation with the perfect world. Xiao Hong expressed the hope that cooperation happy, and think for both sides, is a win-win. At present, the perfect world with network literature, film and television resources platform, such as operation “, “is also a popular network novel change the game model of success.

the following is the full text dialogue:

timothy chao: very happy for the dialogue host, very grand for everyone a little hero, the first is the gold medal screenwriter, ace television, film and television producer, at the same time I want to particularly honored to introduce his prize qualifications, have been to Asia television grand prix gold medal screenwriter, was the first Chinese to receive this honor. Welcome to the teacher. Meet just know, he has been wedded to game can, he is less than 30. Please welcome Beijing perfect world network technology co., LTD., chief executive officer Mr Xiao Hong. Today I ask a question, because today’s peak BBS agenda is very compact, three people only twenty minutes, so all questions will be concentrated, and high density. I carefully studied, our today’s game and is the theme of the film and television, the first two will have a close relationship, the second game, the word itself is play, play is play, if you don’t play, can’t form, if not you, to tell me about your dreams, the game world will also have a lot of Chinese dream to influence all over the world. First, two dreams, respectively.

in is: I do TV dramas, film has been 12 years, we have a big confusion, TV dramas, film finished, they don’t have a. So I always have a big dream, there is the very thing that one day we can stay, and bring you more happiness in another form.

timothy chao: we know a lot of perfect world game, like this year to thrive and so on all is very good.

Xiao Hong: game of dream, is to make the best works. The teacher said let the longer duration of a work, bring consumers more happiness, this is obviously a we have together.

timothy chao: how to realize the dream? What do you think of the play in the game?

Xiao Hong: I don’t think two on before. But actually we thrive in implanted a lot of film and television technique of expression, such as interactive suddenly appeared in the process of a very great animation, do more than the reality of ribbon, is lead you into the story.

timothy chao: in fact is already in the fusion. There are a lot of clips will guide you. Excuse me is a teacher, you don’t play games?

in is: I played, but don’t play very often.

timothy chao: you will tell the truth.

in is: I played, but not to indulge.

timothy chao: we have a lot of relevant government departments anti-addiction changes, you won’t addicted, you are a promising young man, do you want to write the script. How do you think of the game?

in is: first, the game is an inevitable trend. All the film and television is a consumer, the game can bring you more, and I found that we write the script over the past two years, is more important for TV dramas, film is close to the audience, life. Game is actually pretty inspiring, because a close recruit game, continued to sprint. “Liu Zhen legend” is also a reference to the mode of the game, upgrade mechanism, step by step to rise. So I think they are complementary. We took this year to thrive series, xiao always is out of the game, it’s help, for we are all for television ratings, gamers, will have a mutual help.

timothy chao: more and more like. Two things, how, how to swim, to play?

Xiao Hong: there are a lot of can combine content. In the teacher in the TV series, for example, use some we thrive CJ scene, actually we also implanted in the teacher show some scenarios, it is completely can cooperation, because itself is entertaining, everybody to want to see, listen to the story. Secondly in terms of brand, of course, be able to work together. Like ao river’s lake is Mr Jin yong’s most famous book, the teacher to do the film and television, we have a game of copyright, but actually he is jin yong teacher to thrive, the brand is the place where we can have a lot of cooperation.

timothy chao: will the film prior to the game close relationship for a long time is eight, think twice before you two discussed, have cooperation or the original?

Xiao Hong: first meeting yesterday evening, before we heard each other.

timothy chao: how close relationship, do you think of what would be the next cooperation way?

Xiao Hong: we has always been very attention to the media, because we feel that this art form to some extent, can be combined. We are currently looking for identifing step by step, we can borrow on the teacher’s inspiration for cooperation, one is content on cooperation, there must be many opportunities to cooperation.

timothy chao: do you have space, is there any chance? First you write the script very devotion, the second if Mr Xiao Hong today to send you a lot of point card.

in is: I won’t go to play. I was born in 1978, the future must be a game and film and television era, we must keep pace with The Times. Although I don’t have a lot of time playing games, but we as reference game model, scenario, because it can let us focus on TV closer to the young.

timothy chao: two years ago, in 2010, according to the statistics of the film and television export figures are part of the recession, but the network. Network game industry to catch up with the movie 2012 data is, becoming a movie three times. After the first meeting yesterday, I eat something, see service staff when he recognized for the first time, you are presumably circles, eyes bright, then ask me, why are you to, I said to participate in an activity, his eyes were bright, said the game, do you know the excitement. How about this affair, become the real cooperation in the future?

in the positive: of course. Yesterday I heard Xiao Hong teacher to launch a game, I said I am very interested in turn it into a movie or TV series. Shaw, always do you think?

Xiao Hong: let the teachers play, really understand what our products, how to help the film and television, so they can go deep into the content, marketing channel, see how we can cooperate. Sheng wang li is adaptation of the network game, we can cooperation.

timothy chao: in fact, a good creative team with a very perfect auditing system, we can make the industry healthy development. Many artist offers many stories of the original, adaptation and correction, and the development in the film and television. Xiao Hong Mr Perfect world offers very much, let him become really data game industry application. Have the cooperation in the future, to industry in a word, you can also in this BBS friend to share to all the film and television.

in the positive: the combination of film and television and games, is inevitable. I hope we make the script, have the opportunity to also can become the game in the future, to the secondary consumption, then everybody should open field of vision. Only combined with each other, each other, we each industry to a more vigorous development.

timothy chao: too good, encouraging applause. In the teacher, is this your first time to attend our ChinaJoy.

in is: yes.

timothy chao: later with the works to show every year. Please Mr Xiao Hong voice to industry, about your opinion?

Xiao Hong: upstream, is the Hollywood model, actually is the combination of different forms of entertainment, around different content, around how to make consumers get overall interaction, more in-depth entertainment experience and the various forms of entertainment, this is the game to develop an important direction in the future. Sun director mentioned just now, the future we really prospect is very broad, it is a very important game company of us should be thinking about. I also have been emphasized, including with the film and television, we have one thing in common between all of that is to say, we must be attention to, and is to support, that is the problem of copyright. This whether to film and television or on the game, especially when we do the integration of entertainment as a whole, it will be a very important, either ready is to promote the overall development of the industry, do well will hinder the development of the industry. So I called for in particular, on copyright issues both industry and support our government departments, can do some more work in this regard, do more efforts.

timothy chao: thank you two. I saw a very thoughtful arrangement, our game industry peak BBS, just someone for a brand that control time, five minutes, it is like the process of playing a game. Orderly pace, it is the most important, is constantly peak BBS or the industry, we are orderly. Thank you two today’s dialogue.