People familiar with the detonation sohu video inside Liu Chun has been zhang don’t trust

hunting cloud network October 17 message

there are familiar with sohu video, people familiar with the internal operation to hunt cloud network, according to sohu video CEO Liu Chun in sohu within a year and a half of success good could Chen, zhang lost trust because of bad performance.

about Liu Chun reason for leaving the company, there have a lot of speculation. Media reports said the Liu Chun in sohu video inside not important. Familiar with sohu video source told hunting cloud network is in the secret, this is not true, Liu Chun departure it seemed.

this personage to hunt cloud network revealed that in Liu Chun capturing the sohu video right from the beginning, in order to reduce Liu Chun in sohu video the operation of the internal resistance, zhang through, dredge a bunch of sohu old employees, including Deng Ye internally to establish Liu Chun authority. The sohu video has been outside the chun-he liu Deng Ye infighting. Liu Chun dominate the sohu video later, sohu video really substantive breakthrough in the field of homemade drama, Liu Chun played his professional ability, in the field of television has made a large number of sohu drama and columns. In the block, homemade Liu Chun expertise in sohu video internal gain recognition.

but as sohu video helm, in addition to the field of homemade, Liu Chun performance does not have window.

Inside the

“sohu video actually had two operations, a PC is Liu Chun leadership department, the other is vice President of sohu fang lead the department of mobile client. Nearly rectified, sohu video from the Web traffic did not achieve substantial growth, and even some months also fell, but the mobile client flow achieved a steady growth, the management is not willing to see, because the other competitors are running forward, zhang sure don’t want to see the situation.” The person said. Another quite intriguing is the fact that, according to the cloud network understanding, hunting Liu Chun credentials the sohu also editor in chief, but the channel sohu IT completely Liu Chun leadership, still belongs to the vice President, fang, and office is independent of the other channel sohu.

why sohu video Web site traffic stuck? Since taking office, according to people familiar with the and Liu Chun aggressive strategy of choose and employ persons.

“Liu Chun office later, sohu video away the backbone of the staff have more than two dozen people, these people in sohu service four or five years, and are all senior staff. Run away most of the employees by networks, youku poached. For example, the head of sohu video planning such as senior staff is moved to the competition for jobs there.”

a cloud network hunting to sohu video insiders is checked, the staff confirmed that sohu video does leave a lot of backbone employees.

“backbone employees leaving reason in where? Can’t say Liu Chun push away these old staff, but the truth is, there are many old employees to tell zhang there on Liu Chun. Liu Chun strategy of choose and employ persons is so fierce. Ammunition inside for some employees, they think, “away” old employees are Liu Chun purges. Actually, began, after check in sohu chun-he liu headed by Deng Ye old sohu video fusion is not smooth, zhang thought Deng Ye and others regardless of the overall situation, also make what internal struggle, so, zhang in order to make good sohu video for Liu Chun into, let Deng Ye to responsible for sales, but I didn’t expect Liu Chun performance was disappointing.”

Liu Chun

“old employees, and for some people, but these employees and those old sohu video, compared to the lack of Internet experience, wet behind the ears, so lead to sohu video all the business is slow.”

“Liu Chun as sohu video, CEO of stagnant, business led by declining traffic means revenue decline, this is a signal of danger. In addition, there are sohu older employees to tell Charles on Liu Chun unceasingly, this is this year the sohu video announced zhang agent personally sohu video, CEO of the real reason. It is a signal that, by zhang Liu Chun already no longer trust.”