Penguin dog the game, 360 or into a big loser

sogou brushed the presence of nearly a year, this time not married himself, is called a “door-to-door son-in-law. 9 on 16 day, tencent to sogou injection 4.48 $, and its search business of tencent and other related assets into sogou, tencent got sogou 36.5% of the company. Has been linked the most fire 360 purchase sogou.

well-known Internet xie wen believes, by experiments in the search business is tencent unsuccessful business, but the search is a strategic position, it is wrong to give up before, tencent need to activate this part of the asset. Zhou Hongyi passionate attack let ma have a lot of pressure, although tencent do not necessarily need to sogou, finally reached a cooperation. Tencent, the future will certainly bolster sogou pressing 360 , but not influence in the industry pattern, because the acquisition belong to the creative industry adjustment. Search after so many years of development, the basic pattern is from Google that inherited, is now moving from the flow ratio is higher and higher, must rely on innovation to reshape the industry pattern, tencent sogou joint did not see any innovation.

, the author views on xie wen about the penguin dog’s game, of course, the author thinks that: everyone is good, unfortunately 360 has become a big loser.

tencent’s pay

search for many years has been tencent filled with a lot of energy, including manpower, material resources, financial resources, etc., which is to dig into the author Dr Wu jun and the peak of the wave. Dr Wu jun, graduated from tsinghua university computer science department, wu jun in the 2002 in Google company, Google senior fellow at the institute. 2010 year, wu jun to leave Google , joining tencent company, served as the vice-president of the search business. And as the national major projects “a new generation of search engines and browsers” the head of the project. 2012 , 6 on 15 day, tencent is responsible for the search, vice President of wu jun send weibo, suggesting that resigned from tencent. Wu jun’s departure is seen as tencent had to search the structure adjustment of shock aftermath.

search is incorporated into the sogou, tencent is very lonely, tencent as it cost too much, as domestic top Internet company, tencent has the huge population, it would be rare investment failed products, and search is one of them. According to the CNZZ data statistics, from the 2010 , month so far, the search has the highest share of time is in the 2012 , 5 month to 5.2% and the rest are 3% 4% hovering, can saying is the point of marginalized.

the fate of the search, like a woman for whom he loved man paid all can pay, but in the end only personally send him to another woman, solemn and stirring, let a person feel sorry.

sogou independent

at 360 spluttered pa edging out the sogou ass just on the location of the hot search engine second, sogou was “angry”, but can’t do anything about it. Tried to use his most powerful sogou input method improvement, building intelligence input method directly guide to sogou search, but according to the market statistics show that the innovation was a failure. Now get emotional joining of tencent search and sogou from top to bottom are all very glad, to independent development opportunities.

360 edging out the location of the sogou sogou is certainly not voluntarily, input method, not only created the wisdom also launched sogou encyclopedia, sogou q&a, and other products, the combination of search and sogou, can let sogou more independent. In the future, and 360 for the second time, also can.


search is incorporated into the sogou, Lao zhou sound in the first time declared “tencent stake in sogou price is good. Always seem to be some sour meaning in it, but not directly say, somebody else before also is “love” sogou, after all, even the responsible for search business qi were declared 360 and sogou has been in the “engagement”. Now, however, get a marriage certificate is search and sogou, Lao zhou mood is too complex.

was looking at his beloved people and others to go into the aisle, 360 wish it can is their own, while 360 now has a market share is good, but if you want to achieve to influence the situation of the search engine, the whole market pattern, also have to rely on other resources cooperation, 360 can use channels of resources have been exhausted, even say it’s “clueless”, 360 is the most need sogou, but “it is a pity not you, accompany me to the last”.

search this “aged color declines” old woman into the arms of the middle-aged uncle, 360 can not envy? To know oneself is young and beautiful “rich generation”, but uncle is needed.

although been linked 360 going to offer 10 million acquisition sogou, but somebody else’s heart isn’t in “sold”, 360 want is all, and hate not completely and sogou hugged.

the dog games penguin is PC the market share, want to go, is facing the strongmen, without any hope in two other people lose the games, so more than a dozen is the home to play, this time no one wants to be forgotten. nullnull