Peas CEO Wang Junyu: $1.9 billion and the future of the peas

the author: peas, founder and CEO Wang Junyu

industry because baidu recently bought 91 things, had peas with it there is no direct relationship, but I and the company received a dozen media interview requests, along with some problem here is the answer.

first would like to congratulate the net dragon and 91 did a very good business, the price of $1.9 billion is a very refreshing.

but the interesting thing is: peas never define themselves into the app store. The peas, and on the application of distributed r&d team accounted for only about 15%. Today’s app store form is just a very early, and even the Internet station early in the user play a role in daily life but also a weak point – after all, when users to install an application, again opened the same application shall be carried out on the table, only without the need for repeated through the app store to find, this and the use of the navigation station is a big difference.

today, we hope that users find content through pea pods, the experience of using your mobile phone is a simple love. Our team is good at creating simple good product. Is a fact, since the peas launch, whether in the field of mobile phone assistant, or in the field of the app store, almost all of the product design are peas for benchmarking. The mobile Internet era, the user the option to increase, it easy to uninstall the application, also do not have so many crooked ways promotion way. Good product more easily, more easily in the user’s phone, is also the most critical factor in business competition.

in the largest of the peas in the conference room, there have been many investors, including investment department of large corporations, want to listen to us about “the future of peas as an app store” such a story. Every time encounter such a situation we are all very pain, because we don’t want to make peas just a simple flow entrance. We don’t want to just be a hao123, we prefer to 10 years, 20 years in the past, we gain a foothold in the market, our parents, children, when they want to play something, what to watch for and listen to a little something, they know that as long as you pick up the phone, tablet, or television, peas will meet you there. In the world of peas, no complex operation, not let a person chilling intimidation, only simple have the experience of love.

but even if we now is still in the first stage, the application distribution, peas have done very well. At present, from the point of peas own statistics, distribute more than 30 million times a day, now also have amassed 200 million users.

apart from the mainstream applications, peas on the application of the high quality new distribution is also very strong. In the recently released “crazy guess song” as an example, the “wild guess song” on the first day of peas in the downloaded more than 160000, accounts for more than half of its total downloads all that day. In November 28, 2012, peas produced exclusively by han han’s Android version “a”, on the first day downloads to 380000. As of 1 January 2013, “a” Android version downloads has more than twice the iOS version, in which peas downloads accounted for 80% of its Android all channels.

peas at the beginning of the creation, coincided with Android phones in the ascendant in China, the Android users quickly levels from millions of began to swell to hundred million in the process of making a good product, created a good reputation and good brand. In 2010, we chose to “mobile phone assistant” as a starting point; In 2011, we through the “search”, into the application of distributed domain; In 2012, we will be most business moved to mobile phone on the client side. This several important strategic steps, a ring by ring. Even if the market competition intensifies, since 2012 mobile phone assistant and application stores almost become the Internet the company’s standard, we are still in the fierce competition to draw beautiful growth curve, this also let us have the confidence in his ability.

today, we only on the Android client every day, that is to get more than 50 thousands of new users; No exaggeration to say that every new contact peas users close to half of China’s new mobile phone sold. Since founded, peas the vast majority of the user from the user to choose its own “natural flow”; Our official website “SEO”, most of the key words are “peas” all kinds of writing, are heard peas again after to find us. This illustrates the peas “simple love” culture and values, have been deeply impressed by the our brand, and accepted by people.

to be honest with you, one is similar to the main business today we company was sold by 1.9 billion, is a let’s exciting – although rationally, the valuation is unsustainable. The three of us are also first startup founder, also have not to buy a house, no good cars, take a lot of money home endowment, not a very happy thing? But in addition to hug the cat also we really don’t have any other hobbies, retirement also don’t know what to do. In addition, we also hope to have their own independent office, can raise a few of cat, want to spend 400000 air purifier, need not be approved. This is the fun of entrepreneurship, and irrational side.

but in addition to these emotional reasons, we have been hoping to adhere to the road of independent development, also has the very rational reason. And this is why even though nearly all can raise up the name, than we are of the big Internet companies that had come in contact with us, ask whether to accept being acquisitions or strategic investment, but we have been rebuffed.

so partners, please rest assured, peas will remain independent for a long time. Baidu is about to become more competition in the industry after China’s entry into wto, also let us more exciting – in addition to focus on creating a simple product with love, in the competition all around the war, we also hope to like on the market and we want to do with all my heart products, provide good experience for the user’s team have closer cooperation, make good products to grow, rather than see the mobile Internet into another spell dad era.