PC makers make fun Microsoft by doing “destroy” the PC market

Microsoft PC industry partners for doing system .

according to the IT business information website ZDNET Adrian Kingsley – Hughes reports, a PC manufacturers, revealed that Microsoft is industry.

another manufacturers to describe doing “is” tens of thousands of users to apple.

doing is a new design of Windows system. Doing by square interface instead of once the launch of the desktop. The system adopts the new screen gestures, highlights the application.

the market doing reaction was mixed. Many feedback shows that the interface operation mode for some users are scratching their heads.

last week, the international data consultation center IDC reported that “some users to doing the new interface and support touch screen relish, UI on the big change, the traditional start button out, the high cost associated with touch screen, makes the equipment with tablet PC and other competitive, is no longer a popular choice.

according to Microsoft 1 day night, according to results released in PC under the background of market turmoil, Windows to maintain a steady income.

a steady income is still not ideal. Microsoft expects to see most is profit growth. But, steady income at least better than profits shrink. In IDC reports, most forecasts for PC industry will shrink further.

Microsoft with sales contracts to avoid the Windows the decline in the market returns. At the same time, Microsoft is also by tablet series Surface RT and Surface Pro part of the sales made up for it in the PC the weakness of the market.
However, Microsoft partners did not have other options. They can only by selling PC to make a profit. When Microsoft Windows matter, therefore, reform is “away” customers, also it is not hard to understand why these partners feel anger.