Paving the way for wearable devices, apple bought Passif low-power chips manufacturers

as the smartphone battle continued to heat up, the company will also have to strengthen their “military power”. According to foreign media coverage of science and technology, apple recently acquired a low-power chips manufacturers – Passif.

Passif Passif Semiconductor is the full name of the company, this is a wireless chip manufacturing company located in silicon valley, by two from a doctoral student at the university of California, Berkeley, establishes. In addition to the main production of low-power communication chip, based on research and development of the company is also a kind of low energy consumption of the bluetooth wireless transmission techniques. It is reported, this technology can be limited to reduce health tracking intelligent energy consumption problem of the equipment.

although the two sides did not disclose the specific purchase amount, but sources said, a few years ago apple Passif tried to millions of dollars to purchase.

an apple spokesman said in an interview: “we often buy such a small technology company apple.”

with the increase of smartphone features and use frequency, smart energy problem is becoming more and more attention by people. So then, apple bought Passif purpose is obvious.

not only that, but it seemed energy consumption problem wearable intelligent device development bottleneck. The personage inside course of study analysis, the reason why companies such as apple has not produced its own wearable products, one of the reasons is that they can’t solve a series of related to battery, screen and wireless transmitting technology problem.

, as investors Passif Khosla Ventures (Khosla Ventures), now will the company listed in the list of their portfolio companies. There are rumours that khosla ventures in 2008 provided $1.6 million in financing to the firm.

recently for a period of time since the apple significantly accelerated the pace of their own capital operation. In addition to buying Passif, apple recently acquired a company called Wifislam indoor wireless Internet technology companies, as well as a company called Locationary and Hopstop map data provider.

professional analysis, a series of acquisitions, apple is to supplement its short board, in some technology areas such as maps and data analysis.

in the face of the increasingly powerful Android, apple has to strengthen its own technical strength. Although apple helpless retreat to the high-end market, but still can’t resist the challenge of samsung. “To samsung” apple has been on the agenda. As the acquisition plans to further expand, apple may be able to achieve and it is the most important parts suppliers – samsung electronics, draw a line’s dream.