Patent war even more absurd: Boston university Sue apple, comprehensive bans on apple products

don’t know Boston university students think about this matter? Anyway, their Alma mater is suing apple for bans on apple’s series of products: the iPhone 5 , the and the Macbook Air , because it is said that, these products infringe a patent, a professor at the school.

Boston university’s complaint has been handed to the federal court of Massachusetts, said the lawsuit apple infringed is a professor at the school of Theodore Moustakas the patent, the patent 1995 submit, 1997 approved to 2015 years will be failed. Below the picture from the patent, patent description is: use nitrogen to achieve “cheap small solid-state laser to blue laser emission”, says unknown folded)

Boston university not only want to ban apple products, also asked to apple by the profit to compensate for the losses in the past few years. Once, there will be very amazing compensation figures… And then what? BU students do not need to pay the tuition? Can enjoy a gold-plated taps? Over the past years, why Boston to up to Sue apple this year?

the Boston university v apple, not let people to reflect on the current patent system again. It is to protect the innovation or creating patent blackmail? The patent system has been in need of reform.

complete a complaint here, and the United States patent law to be familiar with classmates in English can read, said don’t understand) :

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