Pass Microsoft’s request for more to HTC smartphone with Windows

according to a source familiar with the situation said, Microsoft is request HTC will join its Windows operating system based on the Google Android platform of smartphones, only to the collection, with little or no charge any licensing fees, and highlight the company in the mobile operating system market to expand their share of troubles.

bloomberg website reported on Thursday, with anonymous sources, head of Microsoft’s operating system Terry Myerson (Terry Myerson) request last month on their smart phones based on Android platform to HTC Windows Phone system as the second choice.

, the sources said myerson cut or not collect royalties is put forward, hoping to attract HTC to adopt the idea of Microsoft. Sources also disclosed that the talks between the two parties is still in its infancy, has not made any decision yet.

the industry pointed out that Microsoft is willing to Windows as the second operating system means that the company would make a great concession, and hope to have a cell phone manufacturers to use the software. At present, Microsoft in the mobile operating system market share of only 3.7%. After the agreed to buy nokia’s mobile unit, the necessity of Microsoft to make the concessions became bigger than before.

a, the sources said the myerson is scheduled to visit Asia this month, he will meet with company executives, to discuss the proposal.

based in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft is trying to find other new partners. According to a source familiar with the situation, at last week’s trip to Beijing, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer and other senior executives have meet with a number of mobile phone manufacturer. These executives stressed that Microsoft wants with nokia outside partners to continue cooperation relationship, and hope that can be used with previous key sign Android mobile phone manufacturer.



, the sources said myerson proposed related technical details of the problem has not been solved. It is unclear what HTC phones is to run Windows and Android system at the same time, or to allow the user to select a default system.

Microsoft spokesman Tony imran peralta’s (Tony Imperati) declined to comment on the news, HTC spokesman huang gift, not comment.

HTC was the first company in the production of Android and Windows mobile phone manufacturers at the same time, but the company has never since June launched its new Windows phones, and according to a source familiar with the company is now also do not release any new Windows phone plan. Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of nokia’s mobile department aims to ensure that Windows operating system availability, at the same time help increase market demand for Windows mobile.

Microsoft Windows Phone to charge Phone makers licensing fees; In addition, patent as part of the settlement, Microsoft has signed agreements to collect royalties on Android devices. Compared with Android device makers do not make any licensing fees to Google, but agree on the Android mobile phone with a Google search and Google maps and other services.

market share

according to market research firm IDC, according to data released in the second quarter of the Windows in the smartphone operating system market share of only 3.7%. Android in the market dominant, accounted for 79%; Apple’s iOS operating system ranked second, accounted for 13%.

HTC once the best-selling smartphone brands on the market in the United States, but its global sales and market share have been declining, because the products and marketing mistakes to companies such as samsung, LG and zte has brought the growth opportunities.

according to data compiled by bloomberg show, in the third quarter ending in September, HTC’s net loss of nt $2.97 billion ($101 million), which is at least for the first time since 2008, the company suffered a loss. HTC has launched its flagship smartphone HTC One, but due to the product release time delay and the strategic change, the influence of such factors as the flagship phone also failed to reverse the decline in sales.

IDC data show that in the second quarter of samsung is still ranked first in the Android mobile phone manufacturer, and HTC is ranked eighth. In the Windows Phone market, HTC is behind nokia and samsung.

source: tencent technology