Pass “bad review version” hand Q is ma With the team to stay up late rework later

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute EECC, unproven.

the new mobile phone QQ WeChat “copy”, after the online commentary ruchao evil. Mobile phone QQ as the core products, tencent mobile Internet strategy to make a major revision, so whether the risk of top-down all no one expected the mood?

today I heard from a tencent internal employee, “under the revised decisions are made Pony, people don’t agree with, but the Pony insist, only hard.” Pony helm ma huateng of tencent.

tencent has a top product technical team, in normal circumstances, the core product changes may produce will have a certain risk of evaluation and forecasting; But after the revision of cause the bad review of one-sided, is likely to be in the revision of the decision making process. Ma in this revision, make hand Q upgrade deviate from normal product process finally was born a “freak”, so seems to be a reasonable explanation.

the internal staff also said that the new hand Q after encountering negative comments, ma accompanied hand Q team continuous stay up late, to product returns to redesign.

update: tencent to hunt cloud network sent a statement, said the news is wrong.