Parasitic ovum boring technology: with the iPhone camera?

a recent news about can use iPhone to find parasitic ovum caused a lot of attention. 14, CNET reports in the media: “if ‘hands move a bit on the iPhone, will be able to identify the worm, whipworm, etc of parasitic ovum rate has been increased to 81%.”

according to The American medical Journal of The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Toronto general hospital (The Toronto general hospital) of Isaac Bogoch and his colleagues made The iphone 4 s mobile phone microscope (microscopy). They wore a hole in the tape, then the screw of the ball lens on the hole (ball lens). After that, he will be the device with double-sided adhesive on the iphone. To make this kind of mobile phone microscope has spent less than $15 (RMB 93).

in the unit under the premise of try to shoot the children chair samples were collected in Tanzania, they found that they were able to shoot to the length of about 40 ~ 60 microns (Micrometer) parasitic ovum. The experimental results show that this kind of mobile phone microscope can find any parasite eggs at 69.4% probability. Among them, the worm is 81%, whipworm is 54.4%, twelve fat gut worms is 14.3%.

Isaac Bogoch said: “mobile phone microscope production costs are low, use method is very simple, and it is easy to use in abroad, so often in the future will be used in disease diagnosis.”