Twitter IPO market popularity, conveniently to raise price

according to insiders, Twitter’s IPO (initial public offering), interested participants.

in the same way, according to people familiar with the “personal view”, to participate in the IPO of the bank on Twitter is of great interest, IPO investors. Before the order after the roadshow, investment Banks, the stock of the Twitter is already subscribed by investors.

you can see from the filing, Twitter is now expected to issue 7000 shares, issue price $17 to 20.

Twitter is expected on November 6th shares and start trading on the next day. But in front of the public Twitter may have more market demand increment or raise prices. Chief executive Dick Costolo meet investors in big cities is the United States, and in order to better start.

asset Management institutions Greencrest Capital Management LLC, an analyst at Santosh Rao says, “Twitter low price is just at the beginning in order to attract the attention of investors.” , he said, with reference to previous Facebook, Twitter is likely to be a price increase. Gabriel Stricker Twitter spokesman declined to comment.

the Twitter launched IPO is expected to raise 1.4 billion. Record, according to bloomberg, in May 2012, Facebook IPO raised 16 billion, its highest level in that time Internet IPO record.

last week, Twitter held two roadshow. According to people familiar with the matter, although the CEO Costolo and his staff are no idea how to make Twitter can realize the balance of payments, Twitter the IPO or by a certain attention, has caused considerable interest. The current market situation comprehensively, Twitter’s estimated market value of 10.9 billion.

in the United States, the company in front of the public generally take 1-2 weeks to communicate with investors to interview. Investment agreement shares during this period. IPO companies before being traded, according to the market subscribe to finally determine the IPO price.

Goldman sachs to become the main force of the IPO, the participants also including Morgan Stanley and jpmorgan chase.


Update: the latest news, according to, Twitter announced its IPO price range up to $23 to $25 per share, making it the IPO financing amount up to $1.75 billion.

Inventory: the company after 2520, what will bring in “feast”?

golden autumn in October, uniform reforming of nokia as we presented a lot of joy. A flagship phones, nokia’s first Windows RT 10.1 -inch tablets, a domestic smartphone for low-end market, of course, has been popular. However, in this the Air, the Nexus of 5 a wave after launch, recently the media that nokia will be launching a 8 inch tablet early next year.

we can not help but ask, after the company 2520, in will also bring loyal fans who worth looking forward to the new product?

8 inches the company flat?

recently, revealed a great god in his Twitter, points out that nokia will be early next year to highlight a 8 inch size of the company tablet. It is reported, this tablet products, code-named “the Illusionist” (visionary or magician) tablets will pick up the latest Windows RT 8.1 operating system and a processor from qualcomm. , these people said although the device from the appearance and the company 2520 difference is not big, but 8 inch screen is the most prominent difference. Given that Microsoft will be completed in the spring of 2014 to nokia’s acquisition, the device may also can be regarded as a Microsoft to the transformation of the “small screen” hint. Had the media revealed that Microsoft will early next year to launch a “Surface mini” called 7.5 inches (or miniature Surface) tablets.

929: the company is a nokia “flagship”

earlier, the media exposure of the company 929 mobile spy and configuration. It is reported, this device will be after the company 1520, nokia launched one of the top with “cell phone. The media exposure of the company’s specific parameters are as follows:

5 “AMOLED screen, 1080 p resolution;

2.2 Ghz qualcomm quad-core Xiao dragon 800 processor;

2 gb of RAM, 32 gb of storage space (it was not clear whether the 64 gb version);

20 million pixels pure camera, dual LED flash.

525, the company uphold good strategy of the company 520 low-end

Adduplex market research company, points out that nokia can reach 8.8 million sales performance, to a large extent depends on the. It is understood that the company is the most popular in the WP 520 phones, market share of 23% (WP).

pricing and positioning is similar to the company 520 of the company 520 is likely to continue the good market movements. The mobile phone of the low-end market will pick up qualcomm dual-core processor, 1 gb of RAM, 5 million megapixel camera.

the company smart watches?

at the moment we aren’t sure whether there is the device, but recently the media about once again aroused the attention of people.

war was kicked off by wearable devices, nokia also after a takeover by Microsoft is likely to become a Microsoft smart watch manufacturer.

MOTOROLA’s confirmation will be released on November 13th, Moto G

after have been frequent media exposure of the finally obtained the official confirmation message. It is reported that yesterday MOTOROLA for a new generation of mobile phones, and revealed that the device will be released on November 13.

however, the above site in addition to an animation with a watch live registered window, did not reveal more details about Moto G. From the animation in the centre of the site is open, a spinning of the earth’s landscape is always appear a big M logo. Analysts believe that which seems to indicate that MOTOROLA wants to conquer the world with its products of ambition. After some media reported that Moto G will serve as a cheap version of the Moto X more countries outside North America.

in addition, it is said that Moto G model sells for $215.

according to the current media exposure, according to Moto G may configuration is as follows:

4.5 inch screen, 720 p resolution;

1.2 Ghz qualcomm quad-core processors;

1 gbram, 8/16 gb storage space;

5 million pixels main camera, 1.3 million front-facing camera;

with Android 4.3 system;

support bluetooth 4.0.

Mobile social games: tencent harvest Momo scout sina envy

recently have news WeChat mobile games everyday parkour’s monthly income of hundreds of millions of messages, shake again let mobile games and mobile society. In the face of tencent in the field of mobile social dominance, the Internet company helpless, can only look at tencent big rich, now can only from tencent only devoted to a piece of message, and the most can pose a threat to tencent micro letter weibo is still on hold.

tencent harvest a suck up most of the market/span>

now, tencent micro letter in addition to playing the plane has been officially launched 5 game, love to eliminate every day, every day even sprout, master the rhythm “, “cool run every day”, “joy doudizhu”, the next will immediately launched “speed” everyday, will also be launched by the end of the third party in the two games the “heroes” and “the bubble gingerbread man.” Breakthrough in WeChat users 4 after, tencent always to the swift, since month launched WeChat 5.0 since rapid advance at the rate of a game half month, after a series of games to test, finally in a burst of “cool everyday run” won the market, single game monthly breakthrough of income not only for mobile gaming companies to envy, even the traditional game companies are very shocked. Astonishing fact to the industry announced mobile social originally so to force, before the fishing’s got talent “, “to find your sister”, “my name is MT “, but also so, completely vulnerable in front of the tencent strong social relationships.

users know often play mobile phone games, WeChat online games, are basically on the market for stand-alone game tencent, of a network or online games, some even is originally tencent stand-alone game, but in mobile Internet access to social attribute, the market value of the instant outbreak of these games, let tencent get rich. game can hold, but social relationship can’t hold, this is tencent’s core competitiveness. even if you do again good game, want to improve liquidate ability to work with tencent, either accept the demanding is divided into condition, either accept the investment or acquisition, or just waiting to be fake, this is at present, the development of the tencent game strategy, of course, how you are strong enough tencent will also grovelling to cooperate with you.

so, game makers of strength in the international market, tencent will choose cooperation, such as fruit ninja, “temple run 2 “, “plants vs zombies 2 ” and so on foreign masterpieces; For weak domestic small game makers, as long as accept tencent rules can enter tencent mobile gaming platform, such as card action before the end of the online game “heroes” and leisure to eliminate the bubbles gingerbread man and other domestic third party game; For neither necessary cooperation, and can’t entice the South Korea game makers, imitation is the best choice, for example, recently to be love to eliminate every day, every day even sprout, master the rhythm “, “cool everyday run” three game, and has not yet formally launched suspected of shanzhai “everyday speed” .

compared with fake home game, the stronghold of South Korea’s game is better choice. Way, South Korea game product more mature, more advanced design concept; And hold the domestic game will be a strong rebuke by manufacturers, this will inevitably cause the media criticism of public opinion. This experience by the PC game era tencent accumulated, but such small games, mobile games themselves are the same, puzzle games, recruit class game, music, games, sports games have similarities, fake or not is not good. If you’re good games, fake or you, even if finally entered the court, such as court ruling, the game has been out of date, because social game is a game, play with resistance, short life cycle. Even win in court, a big deal tencent game shelves to compensate some money as compensation, but big head let tencent took, and tencent stronghold for many years, has produced what is it?

also don’t envy WeChat money game, tencent in WeChat and game development is invested a great deal of gold eyes, 4 $user operating costs is the basis of the already very big, and has to buy more expensive investment (including many Korean game developers) game companies both at home and abroad, and so the envy of others at the same time also have to see what people do.

Momo still feel win-win cooperation is the preferred

now mobile game makers can only count on the remain devoted to the stranger, devoted to the latest figures show devoted to registered users has reached 7500 ten thousand active users nearly 1300 . Since this year Momo users into rapid growth, early 3 in the users also only 3000 , the 7 in the already broke through the 5000 , now to the 7500 , according to the speed of development down to early next year, devoted to devoted to users will break 1 million mark. And Momo active users than is ideal, remained in the 20% , is a number that has been considerable, in addition to tencent WeChat and hand Q , registered users and the most active users of mobile social applications, with no other grades of competitors, Momo will become the best choice for game companies in addition to tencent.

as early as in the

Often in BUG, when IOS7 throughout the BETA

apple IOS7 since birth has become many mobile phone enthusiasts object of ridicule, starting bright blind eye system interface, lowers himself to copy the android system function and so on. For apple users, the speech also is innocuous, most apple users helpless to come up to all kinds of bugs, from time to time were indeed dead to life!

netizens to pei pei squeeze again today In weibo, IOS7.0.3 unread notification calling information cannot remove BUG. When users receive did not answer the phone, can’t delete has a 90% chance of happening, can only restart the phone to recover.

here is the BUG’s video demonstration is the line 5 s in (video) :

this BUG seems small, but after all is associated with the communication system, to avoid affect personal phone calls, hunting cloud network warn broad apple users cautious to upgrade.