Page: voice control can change the world watch the voice business potential

on April 19, Google in Beijing time today released the first quarter of 2013 in the morning. Results showed that in the first quarter of 2013, Google revenue reached $13.97 billion, up 31%; Net income of 3.35 billion dollars, up 16% from a year earlier.

after the earnings release, Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page), the CFO Patrick skin chet (Patrick Pichette), senior vice President of nico, Mr Arora (Nikesh Arora) and other executives attended the analyst telephone conference, held after interpretation results points and answer questions from analysts.

the following for the question and answer session, an analyst at the main content:

q: Google is the trend in the traffic acquisition costs?


skin overall drop in traffic acquisition costs, mainly because of our advertising policy changes. For the sake of users, we vigorously promote the implementation of the new advertising policy, the implementation of the new advertising policy reduces our traffic access to income, reduced our traffic acquisition costs. Strong mobile end, Google traffic overall growth due to the growth of the mobile terminal flow, and mobile terminal traffic acquisition costs will increase the overall traffic acquisition costs, but not as good as new to policies to reduce the size of the overall traffic acquisition costs.

q: opening you spend a lot of time introducing belongs to the future projects of non-core business, can talk about the resources change in investment strategy?

page: every time I think I no matter say something will cause this problem, to be honest, I as CEO’s mission is to let someone else to do these things in the company. In fact you look at any company, sometimes they a season didn’t actually do anything different, but the quarter the company has a lot of problems, because they should change didn’t change. Our company management philosophy is to use 80% of the time and resources to do the core business, it did not change, as much as possible on this basis we will try something else, as the shareholders of a company, I am not too worried about the cost of doing something else, but more worried because we don’t have to do those things in a timely manner.

q: Knowledge map (Knowledge Graph) products going?

page: knowledge map progress is very big, it’s internationalization, and improve the technical quality. By improving the knowledge map products have been able to answer such questions about the weather. This aspect we are still invest their resources, in the long run, you will see a better product.

q: (mobile) do you take no direct with a variety of applications, users around the Google search in the search usage and application usage have you feel pressure?

page: this is a question we asked, I don’t particularly worried about this aspect, the user is like to use a lot of application, the problem exist for a long time. From the basic point, Google for all web sites and user is beneficial and important, we provide search services for users, bringing traffic to the site, the Internet information needs to be found, we work very hard to ensure our superior user experience. I think we can solve this in the future (user acquisition always use application).

q: your overall income seems to stable down, and the Internet from PC to the trend of the mobile device how to affect your income growth rate and the theory?

Peter cut: currently, there are many screen, the user is not only using a mobile phone or tablet or PC, but a habit of diversification. The problem is that Google is to provide users with the best answer every time, so our Enhanced Campaign is a good project, is a sign of this respect our strategy, we must find the most appropriate advertising for advertisers, the best advertising time, in the best time for the user to find the best answer. You don’t need to ask too many details, we use Google in the long run overall increase in users. This trend brings great opportunity for us.

q: what about Google Fiber optic Fiber (Google) project, regardless of user experience, what do you think this project will have other impact?

skin chet: Google fiber is still in its early stage, we have to improve the user experience online are very excited, as page says, Google fiber units of G speed is one hundred times of the average of the United States. This project is mainly to promote the overall ascension of speed, writing a new chapter Internet.

q: what about the future of search, you mentioned the voice control, this how to placed ads, you how to get income?

page: voice control can let us know before asking people what they want, so I in this respect the commercial potential of don’t worry, we have been to for a long time. The reason we succeed in advertising, is that we put the advertisement as another source of information, we search advertising related to the user content is extremely, is also a useful information for the user. We do the better in providing information, the more we have the ability to provide users with useful business information. This is a great opportunity for us, (voice control) can change the world.

q: could you talk about your android business personnel changes and transition? Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) will be responsible for what next?

page: we have already said, we have already beyond our crazy for android ambitious goals. Due to Andy’s excellent work, android to become the world’s largest user of the operating system. Andy felt it was time to put the android to others, on his next task, I don’t want to make the news here. In the future, Sundar, mining (Sundar Pichai) will be in charge of android, he is a talent, created many excellent technology, the use of simple products, he also likes to take risks. Our personnel transition transition very well, I am looking forward to the future.

q: could you talk about the overall strategy of Google glasses?

page: Google glasses products is still in its early stage, we just send out small quantity at present. I think we are based on the development of the android has accumulated lots of experience, for the development of the third party ecosystem can say pretty good at this aspect, I’m not too worried about. At present for speculation and rumors have a lot of Google glasses, all I can say it is too early. Google glasses for developers of pricing is also our test market (for), but although I think the price is high, but not luxury. Google glasses pictures, video, phone calls, instant messaging, navigation, and the core functions of the user experience will be worth it. We are glad that the Google glasses to the developer, ask them to create a richer for it capabilities and experience.

q: what are you going to do in terms of preventing android fragments?

page: I’ve used a lot of android phones, think of the overall experience is very good, a lot of innovation, the android mobile phone manufacturers have android platform evolution speed very quickly, the current situation, the negative to see android fragmentation, positive side is innovation.

q: what about Google fiber, can go beyond the surface to talk about, if applied to more places, Google fiber project what kind of opportunities to your service?

skin chet: we not only want to see the future, also look at the moment, when you need 3 seconds to load the Youtube video, you are not happy, Google fiber and service is the solution to the problem. Storage service is also very important, users want to have extra space. The third exciting aspect is that developers will be able to in a high speed, high storage space on the basis of creating a whole new world of the Internet.

q: what do you think through smart glasses and smart watch such equipment, for how much the room to improve the user viscosity in?

I think the computer for most people is an integral part of life, and because the computer is becoming more and more useful, its importance to people’s life also in ascension. When you are using mobile phone, computer or tablet, you may not become boring, become more effective, the result is more happiness, more prosperous business. Because the Google glasses with android, so will be very easy for cross conversion equipment.

translation: tencent technology