Page said Google Logo also there will be a big change, real-time display the user local weather conditions

page has recently had a New idea, it’s like he in last week’s Zeitgeist American partner conference said “constantly updated technology make our life better”.

page after the Q& A link and Google New logo project as an example to prove the point of view, over the years, Google icon has been based on “graffiti” and famous events and characters as the subject, so Google icon is not invariable, although not like yahoo last month one day a kind, but Google icon is often brings us new and fresh.

page, hope to have more change, want to have a more personalized, localization, and real-time elements embodied in logo , he singled out the weather plugin.

he said: “since the ideas, I have been in promoting the project.”

the weather plugin. He also talked about in detail: “I hope that our logo can be with the change of the weather, can simulate the weather conditions at that time. For example, I grew up in Michigan, where the most common is the snow and ice, so I hope they can be well simulated on the screen, this is very important in Michigan, because an unknown bad weather could be a die. At the same time, through a variety of hybrid technology to the simulation, is also very pleasant.”

these ideas for always has ideas page, may be just the tip of the iceberg, page changed the science and technology, to a certain extent, affected the technology industry, of course, also provides help in reading for many children.

page also many projects can get this done in a special Google made his own explanation: “we can’t have hundreds of ways to share things, also won’t have hundreds of ID and, therefore, need to be cautious when we develop new products, need to consider before them with the product to whether have convergence, so will we came down in the range of products, energy and patience is limited, when you face the need to remember that hundreds of thousands of accounts, but also often use, I think you will collapse.”