Page: I feel ashamed, because Google not use Android as the core business

according to Google, according to results released yesterday Google in the third quarter revenue to Wall Street’s expectations, but the core business (search) growth is slowing. In addition, analysts say, MOTOROLA’s continuing losses let Google back the burden.

it is understood that Google this year total revenues in the third quarter of 149.8 $, the income of the 10.47 us. After analysts expected as 148 $, earnings per share for the 10.34 $.

as “bread and milk” of Google, Google search market this quarter are flat, and from the PC search advertising revenue decline. analysts believe that with PC industry continued weakness. In addition, in the third quarter Google CPC ( cost per click) once again fall, fall 6 percentile, last quarter year-on-year decline in 4% , the annual decline in 8% . Pay-per-click advertising, however, the total years of rising 26% to offset the decline in the data before.

at BGC partners analyst Colin w. Gillis said in an interview with time magazine, Google revenue growth has slowed, from 2011 in 35% , descend to today’s 20% . Gillis said: “the core business (search) growth is slowing, let Google have to start for new business and new product development investments.”

in addition to the above reasons, MOTOROLA’s continuing losses also seemed to let Google back for some heavy burden. Since being acquired, MOTOROLA and shows no sign of falling. So far it’s total loss (acquisition) has been as high as 6 1 $. It is understood that the loss of digital year-on-year rise 24% . Google official the explanation is: “the current transformation of MOTOROLA is still in its early stages. Moto X will boost to a certain extent the the market performance of mot. In the future, we will continue to provide marketing services for MOTOROLA’s products.”

in phone memory, page sounds a bit weak. , he says, it will be the last time he played in the Google earnings call, because he “will mainly focus on new business development”. In addition, he also said the smart watch is a very potential market. Interestingly, the page said that every time I go to visit the Android team work all feel ashamed, because they do not have the Android as Google’s core business.

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