Overtook apple: the future of samsung’s flagship phones will also carry a 64 – bit processors, but have to wait until next year

samsung will launch 64 a processor, but will be when?

apple in Thursday first pick up 64 after a processor, made people speaking. Rival samsung also came out, immediately follow up comments . The implication, samsung will enter 64 in the game of the processor.

“for now, samsung has no recent published 64 a product plan. But what is certain is that we will have the next generation of smartphones is certainly 64 processing functions.” On Wednesday, samsung mobile operations at ShenZong ( Shin Jongkyun ) told the Korea Times ( Chesapeake Times ) said in an interview.

ShenZong also means that carry 64 a processor’s new flagship samsung not recently launched. And shortly before the author and the claim ARM management with respect to its 64 a chip architecture architecture (A53 and A57 discuss the idea of .

ARM James Bruce , the Cortex A53 and A57 is licensed to top chip partners. This series of high-end chip architecture strengthened with the combination of high-end mobile phone, and facilitates the promotion of service design.

but don’t excited too soon. If according to the ARM this , it comes from makers such as samsung, nvidia, qualcomm’s 64 a ARM chips still need to see 2014 years. That is to say, samsung before the end of the year running 64 a chip the Galaxy series tablet or cell phone the possibility is very small.

ARM , 64 a chip, mobile devices with laptops will also be able to compete. ARM of Bruce said: “from now on in the past, the tablet will no longer be just information consumption equipment, such equipment can also be information output devices.”

mobile devices are catching up PC , PC 64 how long a processor nor .

samsung move clearly indicates the future mobile phone on the memory configuration and PC . Such as the Galaxy Note3 the amount of memory that is as high as 3 g .


and a processor in most cases can’t hold live more than 4 g content, and thus for more than 4 g memory devices, 64 a processor will be indispensable.

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