Oracle CEO: without Steve jobs, apple is doomed to decline

without Steve jobs of apple?

about the problem discussed by countless people, oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison) also gave his answer.

yesterday morning, Mr Ellison told the CBS interview, asked how he feels about losing jobs of apple. As a good friend of Steve jobs, ellison used two extremely rich meaning of gestures, expressed their views. When he said: “jobs”, his index finger, and sliding upwards. And when he said: “Steve jobs left,” he would forefinger downward slide. So, ellison is repeated twice.

“LTR” (translator note: ellison was summarized the relationship between jobs and apple, actually. He thought the jobs in time, the development of the apple is very good. When scully drive jobs out, apple suffered a slump. In 98, jobs’ return to power after apple grow again. However, when Steve jobs died, the prospect of apple is alarming.

ellison said, we have long realized that no jobs will be what appearance. It will be (apple) the development history of repeat yourself.