Optimization of hand Q online: still commentary ruchao evil

the new mobile phone QQ commentary ruchao evil, caused the tencent products with a history of a serious accident. In the outside world under the strong pressure of public opinion, tencent’s mobile phone QQ team on May 13, the statement said the new mobile version of QQ online, many users feedback the precious opinions. To this, QQ group attaches great importance to and is expected to complete optimization development within two weeks.”

yesterday, optimize the official version of the mobile phone QQ online. So for this optimization, the user is how to think? In a word, still commentary ruchao evil!
User KuangPen mainly concentrated in the following:

1, all picture is still online or not online always on.
2, online status depends on words, give up the simple bright and gray, shocking!
3, contacts was placed at the top.
4, cell phones and computers to distinguish is not obvious.
5, personal card change especially ugly.

@ Zhao Weiwei Vivian: not satisfied! This “optimization”, there is the! All head still online or not online always lit, online status should rely on words to distinguish; Recent contact couldn’t distinguish between the online status list to view; Mobile phone or computer login to distinguish silently behind the signature is put in a dim phone box; And the address book discussion groups to set before? Which function is commonly used? We use QQ is why haven’t you understand?

happy @ YY will Ooo: level at don’t update! The online status has now more futile, eye still have to rely on their own strength to hard look! Buddy list above the three “address book”, is both an eyesore, more out of the way! Users are not great! All kinds of not great! Strong demand back in 2012 that version!

@ Shen Hailu Rebecca: could you tell before mobile phones, iphone, computer online to distinguish? Don’t you know the iphone online isn’t really online? And head or all lit, you should use words, to consider the user comments, please! Don’t look wise.

@ PekingMemories: idiot team, brain-dead members! Decisive uninstall, don’t think qq share no you won’t be a high, alternative, fetion now do is good, can not online to text messages to mobile phones, at the very least opinion actively listen to everybody! All the chat feature is also changed back in everyone’s voice! Change of mistakes can be, don’t throw a person! As the group of an idiot, you dissuade them! You are ambitious, don’t use qq, decisive uninstall!

Small DE jie son:

@ for so many years to maintain the good reputation, was ruined by r&d version of garbage, respectable living death, also ignore the feelings of the people throughout the country, what a suck! Original gray image more be clear at a glance, redundant’s bells and whistles overseas, newsletter,,,, then put the top three, disgusting, again not often use, so annoying! TX qq2013 later obtain employment of failure!

@ sky city _Angila: more and more rubbish, do you want me to ask every time a friend, who are you online? Or were you in so-and-so classmate, I am using a mobile phone on the Internet, see whether you online, in words I recovery, you play with us these with your mobile phone users of tencent QQ, oh. Why use mobile phone QQ, not convenience type with the computer more convenient. Tencent, such a software you idiot or brain damage?

@ weiweib: what couples chat mode, group of aides ok what do you want to add new elements on the 2012 version of the line o contact card this direction breakthrough is not advisable to what the user experience is that you don’t understand? User experience uncomfortable trouble of mistakes can change now! Blindly thinks himself wise will only come undone!

@ self refreshment old days mm: acutely you mahler gobi tencent team! Optimization of nima b! Mobile identification and online said is in the level of challenge our patience! To change back to us as bright, grey! Ask 2012 version of the online display our logo! Stealth landing! Photo wall! Member super qq nickname red font! MLGB tencent qq shitty team! Everybody together, appstore yongliang a star!

@ rain Chen, characters: mobile phone QQ team, did you forget to phone QQ pcQQ is an extension of the broad masses of users have been very used to the appearance of the original PC and mobile phone QQ, trouble you can really do listen to the heart-felt wishes of the customer. Don’t the whole some moth come out again. And the project manager in charge of the upgrade, please resign. Thank you very much!

@ lu mei jia: 1 distinguish original online and not online avatar mobile computer let us be clear at a glance 2 card back not change back lock screen to do 3 of our troubles to friends list at the top of the three unidentified object move elsewhere is almost like this or return my phone doesn’t 12 2012 version of the bully me

@ ceFiFi: version 4.0.1 QQ should use “online” and “offline” two paragraphs to distinguish the user’s online status, full screen “online” words and “offline” words, gray image and color image such a simple solution was abandoned, it is not the solution!

@ 2992: snow non-trace pissed! Online offline words tagging, head on together! Address book was placed at the top? So ugly! Who have no matter to the old address book? It is good to have new features, but not so exaggerated on top? Android version 4.0.2 actually very perfect, fully update it on the basis of it, adding new features, not take it so hard to use! The fonts icon so ugly! Business CARDS, email hope to come back! Try one day decided to uninstall, use version 4.0.2 back!

@ package _ bud bud: online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline online online offline offline you are sick you you sick you you are sick you you are ill you

@ caso will not sad: it is a waste of time spirit and manpower. To you constantly updated and what’s the use? Will update to our satisfaction. That you also have a lifetime of the reviled. Don’t know you had so many people insult cursed, how do you sleep with. What listen to said. The word also dare to say it. You play the lifetime of work. Send you four words: people-oriented.

users overwhelmingly give bad review, proved that tencent so-called optimization of mobile phone QQ may have had been a complete failure.