Open platform: battle of suning success or failure the key

the author: ming-wei sun (WeChat ID: “SUNTalk”)

in the recently concluded 2013 China Internet conference, Su Ningyun business vice chairman wei-min sun, said su ning open platform will be launched in September this year, and will be open platform from offline to online. Suning will provide service from three aspects: first, the entity store platform; Second, the open platform of e-commerce; Third, open data and logistics resources. Again today reports that su ning open platform will officially released on August 28. Vigorous period, su ning also conducted a “thousand reward, suning global name” open platform “(the author curious, open platform for corporate strategy and business model, why not take a new name?) .

why open platformPlatform level electricity in China camp, Tmall to completely open mode in the last year to more than 200 billion yuan traded the number domestic electricity; As early as 2010 open platform of jingdong open platform last year turnover is more than 12 billion yuan; Other competitors gome and dangdang online, such as the amazon, QQ online is already open platform. Open platform business platform level has become the future of electricity depends on heavy business model. In such a context, su ning in the present stage rich brand and category, increase the Angle of the user viscosity, or electric business ecosystem structure, through the integration of data, financial and logistics produce greater economies of scale in the long term, open platform for suning is urgently needed.

how to do open platformOpen platform is by no means a simple background system access this involved a set of operations, including technology, logistics, customer service and finance. Su ning open platform in time later than the main competitor, also at a disadvantage on business resources. In today’s fragmented s, suning to use open platform running out a sunshine avenue will be full of and obstacles. Su ning only from the following points, don’t walk unusual road, likely the dawn.

1. Decentralization independent team work
Has been a result su ning to the outside world by genetic management team is lack of the Internet. As a traditional retail giant, suning management will inevitably have a lot of inherent thoughts, so in the past few years the development of the process, su ning in the management is not implemented “professionals to do professional thing”, the open platform is an important battle, rather than continue to old class people repeat, as well as power to have ability and team work.

2. Will give more support in business
Businesses are willing to move into Su Ningyi purchase and open platform depends on the actual benefit and the cost of migration. Practical benefits, the greater the cost of migration is smaller, everybody enthusiasm is higher, lower instead. Back to see the jingdong, open platform, 2010, 2011, merchants to reach 6000 by the end of 2012, August 2013 merchants more than 3 m. Suning to XiangJing east study, don’t expect within two years upon businesses earn much money, quickly accumulated number of merchants, set up benign development of ecosystem is the key. The author suggested suning cancel fee or deposit platform, adopting the tactics of “zero dollars into”, buckle point also not more than 3%. Businessmen can earn to you this who also cannot guarantee, but began to reduce the expenses and costs, is visible benefits everyone.

3. Bringing in small and medium-sized sellers, each industry break
Jingdong open platform, liu by emphasizing “put 50% of their income on a platform, it is a very dangerous thing, your destiny is in the hands of others.” Get a lot of recognition and support of large taobao sellers. Su ning can comply to, strive for more small and medium-sized businesses. If the implementation “zero cost”, absolutely be tempting for the broad masses of small and medium-sized businesses. Grandpa is from start when grandchildren, small and medium-sized sellers may now is the future of main electrical contractor.

4. Differentiated marketing and pr strategy
When it comes to suning marketing and public relations strategy, I want much ridicule. In the era of traditional offline retail, have to admit the suning marketing and public relations strategy success, old rivals gome’s today is the best proof. But in the online age, suning marketing and public relations are really bad, seems to be the management still immersed in the win over old rivals gome smug.

suning several important marketing and public relations failure:

1, August 15, 2012, was caught by jingdong “handle” to start a price war. During the jingdong step-by-step, suning struggling to cope with.

2, during the two sessions at the beginning of 2013, zhang put forward in view of the electric business tax bill near east caused strong reaction of the electricity business, at that time a near east is referred to as “enemies of the people”.

3, before, during and after the acquisition of “red children” appeared numerous negative public opinion and reports, including the founder of the “red children” before the fact, Su Ningben can play a good public relations marketing through acquisitions, the result finally.

the concept of, be practical and do less. Concept of this stuff, occasionally mentioning, Titus would be easy to make confused. Suning trumpeted the other day “cloud” concept and “online same price”, I was the first reaction is “originally suning is not the same as the price of online and offline!” ; Now put “open” in the mouth, but also “open online”, also “O2O” at such a time. All of these concepts, it’s the layman don’t understand, insiders’ embarrassment.

China’s e-commerce market need more open and competitive, after all, we don’t want to see the dominance. But su ning also need to have a good reflection, to struggle.