Only 4 g can resolve the contradiction between mobile and WeChat

article/reporter in the 21st century economy Hold conference members Liu Fangyuan

what offends operators WeChat?

we can analyze from two aspects: technical and commercial.

from a technical point of view, China mobile research institute recently, huang explained to me the WeChat such “forever online business” on its network. Although this article on the micro letter, letter here most of them are the micro powder, but also might as well listen to ideas from the other party is the operator.

believe that most people should be like me, is not a communications professional background. So, here I will try to use some image to paraphrased the so-called “signaling”.

first of all, the mobile phone QQ, or WeChat, will have their own “heart”. The “heart” is sent to network operators, the purpose is to tell the network own real time state, like whether online, is there any new news.

these “heartbeat” itself consumes little traffic, but it would take a mobile signaling channel, if too much too fast, “heartbeat” will lead to operator’s network problems, and even paralysis.

in weibo, for example, after open message to remind function, weibo need 0.5 ~ 3 minutes at a time periodically to detect any new messages, signal frequency is about 6 times of the average Internet business, and the consumption of each flow almost less than 1 KB.

hanging mobile phone QQ, too, in his early years in parts of guangdong, happened because of the mobile phone QQ occupy signaling is overmuch, cause local China mobile’s network have been users don’t call, send out messages.

according to huang, at the beginning of the mobile and mobile phone QQ communication after consultation, signaling it take up the problem after the change is reduced a lot. But now, WeChat situation is more serious than mobile phone QQ.

so my personal understanding, operators and tencent differences is:

WeChat in order to maintain their good user experience, be sure to use a higher frequency of “heart”; And operators to think, to guarantee basic experience more of the broad masses of users (such as all normal phone text messaging is not interrupted by), hope to “jump” slower micro letter.

the above talking about technical point of view.

from the Angle of commercial WeChat between users send text, pictures, voice of experience is very good, and whether contact with overseas or foreign friends cost are the same, not the concept of long distance. (only need traffic fee, WIFI almost no extra cost).

so, micro letter inevitably divert the operators of SMS, voice business, affect the growth of their income. At the same time, also brought some traffic income increase, but may increase isn’t enough.

this question a lot of people are discussed, and is no longer here. I also hope you after further discussing this problem, can use the data, analysis clearly operators how many SMS revenue loss due to micro letter, micro letter traffic income how many, the difference between the two is probably how many.

not mindless fans like say “because WeChat replaced the operators, so operators to choking WeChat desperately.” Operators may not strangled WeChat, later also counting on from WeChat over some money?

despite the current dispute, we can bold guess, 4 g popularization, the two sides of the contradictions are not exist.

from the aspects of technology in the first place. According to huang, lte networks are designed for data construction, special signaling problems into consideration. Wider bandwidth and 4 g, faster, theoretically can make the use of micro letter experience is better. Believe that by operators and tencent sat down after communication, the basic consensus is able to reach.

and at the business level, namely WeChat impact operators SMS and voice business this problem, it may also be a problem after 4 g. Because the operator income structure into data supplemented, voice message has become a trend. We look at the international mainstream operators now offers 4 g combo can be found, text and voice is not income of the mainstream.

here is the north American carriers Verizon on 4 g after the launch of the combo “ShareEverythingPlan”

can be found from the figure, different plans have all of them are “limited data traffic” and “unlimited voice, SMS”. Such as $50 a month package, can enjoy 1 gb of data, phone text messaging is not limited.

other operators such as AT& T, and DOCOMO’s 4 g package design are similar. Monthly fee is higher, the more you can enjoy the flow, at the same time is unlimited voice and text messages.

if after domestic operators to make a bag, so buy traffic unlimited text messages, or to send thousands of minutes of talk time, the so-called messaging, voice down, it is not problem. It let you use the infinite, you use less for operators is not better?

in the end, with Mr Ma’s words to the end. “You go to Hong Kong, including foreign operators, mainly selling data flow package, calls and text messages are given. To spare. Ma said that generate a lot of traffic, tencent daily relationship with the relationship between the operators should be.