Onlookers inWatch conference: wearable devices, hot in Beijing

on day of Beijing in the afternoon, at ordinary times haze haze of the sky suddenly to force, a freak blue, smoke hung sun exposure to the earth.

all in all a word: hot.

outstretched tongue gasped strolling through the 360 building, and a good long walk, and finally to the 798 . Small make up said he was going to stand on the… Move down inside, then ask to ask to finally in the deepest inWatch conference address: 360 big cans.

the door to see hot girl , small make up says he is more hot (the beauty of the wrist is inWatch oh)

in the meeting, I brush, this conference is in line with their own name, to the end of a smouldering in cans. Head to blow air conditioning, the meeting everyone in manual fan, inWatch the flyer play a biggest role of XD

the opening speech, the most afraid of hot prize winner, a guest speaker Locke less appearance (him! Incredibly still! Wearing a hat!

the guests think about your expectations of smart watches, to do independent feature-rich devices, not just a smart phone accessories or health accessories equipment.

reflected fun came to introduce their products inWatch (forgive small make up slag slag camera phone) :

configuration is as follows:

measurements: 55 mm, 40 mm, 13.5 mm

240 x 240, 1.54 OLED touch screen, 220 PPI


, than megapixel camera

4 gb,

storage space, 512 MB RAM

, use the WiFi time 3 , 120 hours standby

carry acceleration sensor, magnetic sensor, gyroscope,



SIM card

support wireless charging,

1.2 GHz,

processor, based on the Android 4.2

all in all, this is not a mobile phone accessories, but a full-featured machine , can be used to make a phone call and take photos, through the WIFI play Internet applications. Reflected interest officials say inWatch not to reduce the hand wrist smartphone ( yes, now what does not support the 3 g smartphones – please ignore the small make up fun).

the official also said that inWatch m , but the price is not sensitive, sensitive to fashion of people with certain accuracy, so its price is also keeping up with the watch: reservation price 1788 element.

as a prick silk small make up and does not know what fashion is pseudo m , I can’t look straight into the said product positioning, after all I was “very price-sensitive, dare not boast of speculation” is not sensitive to the price of “consumer psychology…

InWatch while carrying is Android system, but it does not open, because if allow users to install applications, would “affect the smart watch user experience”. Application developers now seems to only through the official application for adaptation, has now been pre-loaded applications such as WeChat, play on.

as a small screen devices, its input must be different from a smartphone, can not rely too much on the screen (such as currently offers nine GongGe touch-screen input method), but more on speech input. inWatch the selected voice input / control partners is in the “cloud”, “hammer of Mr. Luo ROM “chose the same cloud known as partners. Reflected interest live demonstration speech manipulation of the call, the first time failed to identify successful (perhaps because the scene is too hot too noisy)… Success seems to be the second times. Than a hammer ROM show better, .

reflected interest of science and technology in the conference “don’t take much to us,” said, “please on domestic accommodating”, attitude is very sincere. From the inWatch the current form, a higher degree of completion is a smart watches products, exactly how to experience, still need to wait for real machine listed later assessment, the show girls are wearing just engineering machine, official weighing model, production will be more beautiful.

watch the entire conference, small make up feel is hot: Beijing, wearable device, hot, hot, of course show girls is hot