Online shopping will enable the new domain name tencent QQ electrical goods brand construction speed

cloud network hunting on June 9, netizens in weibo today revealed that, QQ online shopping has opened after purchase the domain name, hunting after cloud network to check the relevant page, to confirm that has officially opened, the page content is the same as the However, QQ online domain is not pointing to Comprehensive switch too near, it seems, domain name, it also shows the tencent to speed up the building independent electrical goods brand.

in October, 2011 in jingdong, Tmall are super platform to promote, tencent launched QQ online (, then gradually integrates clap nets, ticketing, travel of QQ tencent QQ QQ mall electric’s all business, to create an open platform products. It also became a tencent electric business an important part in the overall strategy.

at the time, there is a market rumors that the company has offered one million yuan buy the domain, but did not directly, but using the secondary domain name This also confirmed after the domain name whois information query domain name belongs to the tencent.

in May 2012, tencent group to split and set up a subsidiary of independent operation electricity electricity business, it also means their own independent electrical goods brand. At present, tencent electric business particularly focus on proprietary + open platform. Among them, the proprietary aspects mainly through investment Yi Xun network in order to develop, is refers to the QQ online platform for business.

in March of this year, QQ mall business are integrated to QQ mall, after nearly three months of preparation, tencent must have finished the background technology, the integration of business resources, the opportunity is mature to enable the new domain name. Cloud network is expected to hunting, tencent electricity follow-up will conduct a series of brand promotion plan.