One will work million bones: two cases failed mobile social exposure

mobile Internet tide come, gold in droves, there are large companies, entrepreneurs, more risky investment behind his back. The social mobility is one of the most hot areas, after two years of changeable, who’s been swimming naked?

this is not from a macro level this wave of mobile Internet business, only to hunt cloud network readers exposes two cases of failure of the mobile social reference for entrepreneurs.

1, flash

flash poly is a location-based mobile application to make friends, through the date of mutual interest to help us disappear between strangers meet together quickly.
Flash together you can see the beauty around you, handsome big pictures, age, sign a wealth of information, can chat with strange TA, share photos, geographical location, to participate in both of us interested in dating, make more true friends.

Flash poly’s slogan is:

you can find the handsome boy or beauty, you want to chat with them to share in your life dribs and drabs, flash together not alone.

it is clear that flash of social orientation is stranger.

flash of application is often active in the industry, the founder of the commentators xing-liang liu. Coincidentally, in 2011 at a meeting in the industry, hunting cloud network
Encounter just took level more than millions of angel investment xing-liang liu, to gather the origin of the name, liu said bluntly, booty call is rigid demand, flash is just a tool, not interfere with the user. (Momo Tang Yan also said such a thing)

then xing-liang liu dig a lot of the personage inside course of study, the team once nearly 20 people, and started to accept the media interview, of flash. After more than a year of operation, the application of the final because of poor product experience, users too little die, the latest version of the stay in May 2012.

2, steak

if the industry criticism xing-liang liu as commentators do product without background, then take this case more representative.

steak Zhang Jianfu is the creator of the application, if no one knows who he is, he does products you know 51. com, certainly in the web2.0 fry of the most popular s, he and com by the industry as the most understand the grassroots (now should call prick silk) requirements.

the official introduction so: steak to provide you with a mobile phone personal space, communication, social services, and make friends in this new, keep interactive contact with old friends. Why call the steak? To know many people in our lives, rare, medium, seven points. Cooked steak, your friend?

the steak is also a main strange dating applications.

, according to the personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network Zhang Jianfu start steak is at least took including IDG, matrix partners, including two VC investment, the team also once enrollment expansion to more than 60 people.

the steak promotion operation flash get bigger than many, but after more than a year of operation, steak team to more than 20 people, although the business is still in maintenance, but is in a state of half dead.

why do you say the steak is sick? Have a detail can see clue, according to people familiar with the matter told the hunting cloud network, steak, founder Zhang Jianfu again to start a new project, and is to use their own money (the steak investment basically is running out.

so far, according to incomplete statistics, the social applications up to tens of thousands of money on app store, also only slightly, rice chat, devoted to stranger digits few app, even tough as qihoo 360, wanted to push into mobile social field, launched in 360 a message the product finally ended in failure.

a million bones will work.

reprint please indicate the source: hunting cloud network