On July 1, net transmission channel fees charged by the operator to the micro letter

sina weibo today revealed that real-name authentication users, operators on July 1, charge WeChat channel dues.

real-name authentication for the A8 music group CEO assistant sina weibo user zhang wei today revealed the charge in the morning news.

zhang wei said later, the core is: tencent how to digest the cost? The practice of The Times, is expected to refer to QQ for basic graphic voice after continue to limit provided free of charge, and then launch unlimited members, as well as can packet traffic fee of VIP package bag

after the news that the three major domestic telecom operators are in talks with tencent company, the main content is how to regulate the OTT tencent business, and how to charge a OTT business, and concluded that the micro letter may also need to start charging users of the message. To this, tencent official denied, and said this message as a rumor.

during the two sessions, China mobile chairman xi guohua mentioned OTT business for operators is both challenge and opportunity, said many business based on Internet companies in the telecom operators at the same time on the network to carry out, this itself is the Internet company’s board.

the CEO of tencent ma said the information highway should be understood as such as highway, railway, airport grid infrastructure. So he called for, especially broadband Internet infrastructure should be built by the state.

China mobile research institute had official OTT said this problem, the global operators do not avoid this problem, and there is no an effective method to control and avoid. Represented by China mobile, the domestic operators, whether the management decision-making level above or below the implementation of the employees, is a kind of open inclusive attitude to treat, and seek win-win with Internet companies.

to be sure, if not WeChat expansion of business development, for the misuse of the situation, signaling channel operators could not find Internet companies to discuss the solution and discuss the possibility. Because this kind of signaling abuse really damaged the legitimate communications services to other users, operators have to stand up to coordinate and solve the problem.

the article is considered to be in the mobile charging for micro letter campaign.

as of hunting cloud network time, charge for operators, micro letter official did not respond.