Often in BUG, when IOS7 throughout the BETA

apple IOS7 since birth has become many mobile phone enthusiasts object of ridicule, starting bright blind eye system interface, lowers himself to copy the android system function and so on. For apple users, the speech also is innocuous, most apple users helpless to come up to all kinds of bugs, from time to time were indeed dead to life!

netizens to pei pei squeeze again today In weibo, IOS7.0.3 unread notification calling information cannot remove BUG. When users receive did not answer the phone, can’t delete has a 90% chance of happening, can only restart the phone to recover.

here is the BUG’s video demonstration is the line 5 s in (video) :

this BUG seems small, but after all is associated with the communication system, to avoid affect personal phone calls, hunting cloud network warn broad apple users cautious to upgrade.