Of Microsoft: the application of web pages into WP local application

recently, Microsoft has found a new way of application development for WP – the popular mobile web application (web app), after the release on Windows platform.

foreign science and technology media reported ZDNet, such behavior is part of Microsoft’s “WebApps” project. So far, 40 kinds of web apps have been repackaged into similar to WP local application, for users to download.

a Microsoft spokesman stressed that all the above application are developed by them, and said that Microsoft’s move is not to replace the local application. He said: “the reason we do this, is to provide users with better experience. However, Microsoft is hoping that the move will encourage those application developers to develop native applications for us.”

has long been plagued by a lack of content of Microsoft are doing everything we can to “lure” application developers. Especially for those who have been popular in iOS and Android platform application, eagerly anticipated by his is to let Microsoft. After a reported that Microsoft can offer $100000 in compensation for developers. Foreign technology on the basis of the media in the report describes the behavior of Microsoft, is: “in order to attract developers made a desperate attempt to”.