Obama to veto the ITC ban bias in favor of apple on samsung?

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge reports, The Obama administration yesterday rejected from The ITC a ban on apple products.

in June of this year, the us international trade commission (ITC) announced the implementation of samsung applied to ban: old iPhone, the device will be prohibited to import into the U.S. market, a cellular data because they violated the samsung patents. (see)

however, today the Obama administration has direct involvement in the lawsuit, and directly denies the ITC and the judiciary. This means that apple’s predecessor is still able to enter the U.S. market, as to the price impact and its competitors.

is directly involved in trade cases by the President of the keys is rare in the history of the United States. In addition, Obama also said earlier this year, the government plans to some “patent banner, illegal competition, the company take punitive measures.

the Obama administration’s office of a trade representative explained: “the U.S. government a commitment to maintain a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory market competition environment. In order to encourage the progress of science and technology and the development of the society, some industries of key patent technology (SEP) should be open source sharing. We are actively to protect patent rights and interests of individuals and companies at the same time, will crack down on those who misuse of patent and illegitimate competition behavior.”

in addition, the business representatives also pointed out that the government will step in key patent technology of litigation cases, help the ITC to better grasp the trade ban issued from standard.

it is reported that samsung has a public email expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the U.S. government. And as the event the other party, the company said the government’s decision is conforms to the interests of the masses, the samsung companies are the so-called patent rights abuse.