Nut shell smart watch will support DLNA have more screen interactive function

fruit electronic insiders revealed, nut shell electronic Smart Watch Bambook Smart Watch will have multiple screen interactive features, users can through the Bambook Smart Watch, photos, video, music and other multimedia content in real time on the TV, projector, family speaker terminal equipment such as watching, listening and sharing.

it is understood that the nut electronic Smart watches Bambook Smart Watch is the Smart watches have more screen interaction function in the first paragraph of the article, including support DLNA, Airplay wait for a variety of screen more interactive technology. Then, users can directly through the Bambook Smart Watch implementation including Smart Watch video, music, photos and other multimedia content more screen interactive experience, etc.

at present, many screen interaction has been applied to many intelligent electronic products, including fast large screen, millet box and so on all have more screen interactive capabilities; But, compared with the fast large screen and millet boxes and other products to achieve more screen interactive features with high-end smartphones based on user needs to buy related digital hardware can be realized, nut shell electron Bambook Smar Watch smart watches can be implemented separately screen interactive features, more do not need to purchase additional digital products such as smartphone users.

shells electronic Smart watches Bambook Smart electronic Watch is fruit shell after Bambook smartphones and a Smart product launch. And according to the fruit shell electronic CEO techweb, nut shell electron will launch more intelligent household products.