Nut shell electron PPT reveal that dialysis smart watch industry insider

Recently, the samsung smart watches finally lifted the curtain, although the parties have different reactions, but a powerpoint presentation on the Internet shows that competition has already begun to intensify in the field of smart watches, first step of innovative small businesses and giant directly against is inevitable.
Netizens to hunt cloud network reported, said it found a name in baidu library shells electronic marketing center of file. The PPT of the nut for its own products and samsung electronics made a detailed comparison and gives the relevant strategy.

from the specific content, the PPT is not only the parameters of the comparison and analysis the two smart watches, has also made planning for the future business strategy adjustment, and emphasis on war service against big brand strategy. Many people in the industry, according to the PPT can be viewed as is currently the most depth profiling of smart watches function, worthy of the personage inside course of study.

shells electronic published in Beijing on June 17, smart watches and smart Lord of the rings and other equipment, dressing is one of the earliest smart apparel enterprise, the shells electronic exalted war service standard, and introduced the first mobile phone order due to delay from single, more commitment to free upgrade a new smart watches three years, industry price war with war service debate. Shells also is domestic only has to sell smart watches manufacturers.

such an important company PPT, why be compromised? Hunting cloud network connection nut shell, the official said that “leadership is in a meeting, a reply will let us know.”