Number of active users is not high micro letter public platform shouldn’t be

recently, ai media consulting, issued the 2013 China WeChat public platform user research report. According to the report, in spite of the high heat micro letter public platform, but the actual effect of marketing and user viscosity is lower than expected, use micro letter public platform for marketing is not the most ideal way.

opened more than half a year’s time, micro letter public platform of user attention is higher, ai media consulting data show that nearly ninety percent of the users in the past used a micro letter, accounted for 88.3%; Among them, the occasional use WeChat most users of the public platform, accounted for 42.5%, often use WeChat public platform of users accounted for 24.1%. Ai media consulting analysis thinks, WeChat public platform of user attention is higher, but the actual live jump a number of users is not ideal.

the actual number of active users is not ideal, ai media consulting survey found that the main reasons, according to 2013 WeChat public platform user dissatisfaction, reflected in the poor user experience, less useful information and lack of want to focus on content, etc., accounting for more than 34.5%, 28.6%, and 23.9%. Overall, this study found that based on WeChat public platform to the secondary development of the market demand is bigger, mesh Before the cloud to existing network and some other domestic enterprises to provide a similar service.


the user CARES about what content, what is the most attract users? Survey found that 2013 micro letter public platform, users care most is a kind of public information platform, accounted for 65.7%, followed by ig/play public platform and technology public platform, accounted for 37.1% and 31.4%, respectively.


users the most direct purpose is to get information public platform, this is understandable. 2013 WeChat attention in the public platform purpose, aim with “discount/exclusive information” the most users, 34.3%; Then, 26.0% of the users to “focus on hot issues” for the purpose, and 22.9% of users choose “entertainment, to kill time.


ai media consulting analysis thinks, although WeChat won the market and users in the short term, WeChat public platform is also booming, but there is survey is worth to pay close attention to the following points:

1, micro letter public platform heat is very high, but the actual effect of marketing and user viscosity is lower than expected;

2, WeChat public platform of insufficient information and poor practicability, secondary development based on HTML 5 is necessary;

3, now under the network environment, users access to information a lot, and WeChat public platform not only means of access to information or important;

4, use WeChat public platform for marketing is not the ideal way, that need to be careful with the potential risks;

5, “scan qr code” is very popular but the actual effect is not very desirable, qr code is only one entrance, should not be the market “apotheosis”.

6, sum up the past Internet product track quickly, has a characteristic: come all of a sudden, go quickly. Whether it is a typical kaixin, or weibo, etc., although WeChat mode in short more than 2 years to receive nearly 400 million large users, but if be just need to rely on the market, not replaced by the next round of new products, need to use time to market and product efforts.

source: sohu it