Note, this innovation direction or pose a threat to Android and iPhone

in 2005, nokia is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, and is strong. Today, however, it has to be split to sell. Although as of now, it seems that no manufacturer can take the place of samsung and apple’s lead in smartphones, impermanence, however, who also not sure whether they will repeat the history of nokia.

at the university of Warwick Business School (Warwick Business School professor, Dr Ronald klinger bill (Ronald Klingebiel), according to the status of the samsung and apple are not insurance, now there are a large number of cloud smartphone operating system’s emergence, and both show their competitive advantage.

klinger bill, “says professor, the advantage of the cloud smartphone operating system is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the application of form a complete set of resources is very rich, the developer can write software for cloud, rather than for a particular type of cell phone, it’s like cloud applications on the PC platform can be compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux, and many other systems. The second advantage is the mobile phone prices are low, because the application is running in the cloud, so the demand of mobile phones to the processor and memory is very low, so as to reduce the cost of the phone.

now, samsung Tizen, firefox OS, Ubuntu Edge and Sailfish OS seems to have not formed the climate, but professor klinger bill says, they will soon be taking a lot of market share.

klinger professor bill to an interview with the famous science and technology media Business Insider, part of the content is as follows:

BI: now in the market there have been many optional mobile operating system, which ones do you think are most likely to succeed? What are the reasons?

klinger bill: these four new mobile operating system each has his strong point, have the chance of success, the concrete depends on the company behind each how much ambition and means. The mobile operating system into the perspective of market selection is different: Tizen with samsung’s overall superiority; Firefox to low-end market; Ubuntu hope community based on Linux PC, mobile phones and unified computing device; Sailfish with a focus on technology enthusiasts in the market, those enthusiasts particularly admired nokia and former partner of high quality solutions.

overall, they will soon be able to take a place in the market, and the range is not small.

BI: they will pose a threat to which part of the smartphone market areas? High-end and low-end or feature phone? What are the reasons?

klinger bill: these operating systems are smartphone operating system. But soon after, smart phones may cloud of new mobile phone to access to intelligence, mobile phone application only links to the application software in a cloud, the use of this cloud smartphone how does not need to have high level of technology. If this solution as the standard of the industry, it will all areas of the smartphone market.

BI: since when do you think the new phone will show their influence on the market?

klinger bill: these new mobile operating system is still in the early development stage, no one can guarantee they will be able to succeed. But the new system is likely to grow up quickly. If there is only one company such as lenovo’s promise of a new operating system support, it can promote the overall development of the new operating system. Mobile operators are also hope to be able to change the status quo. Big application developers such as Facebook might stick to write an application software, apple and Google (weibo) there is no choice, only open their app store.