Note: Google Chrome OS based on Windows development

Beijing standard time on October 6th morning news, Google recently launched Chrome Apps project, make the Chrome application breakthrough the limitation of the browser, gradually developed into a platform. In the past few weeks, Google to upgrade, development version of Chrome on Windows 8 Metro mode can realize the function of Chrome OS.

Chrome can run in Windows 8 desktop mode, but the user can also be set at the beginning of Windows 8 screen, make it into the special model of “Metro style”. In Windows 8, the latest development version of Chrome and released version is different, is not a simple full screen web browser, but contains a Chrome OS user interface and functionality. There is a column of Chrome on the interface, Gmail, Google Docs and YouTube icon, the user can place the icon on the screen the left side, right side and bottom. Similar to Chrome OS, the user can create multiple browser Windows, and screen the bottom left corner and a starter application.

although this version of the Chrome is an application of Windows 8, but use the special mode of Microsoft for the browser. Microsoft allows the browser Windows 8 started in the “Metro style” environment. Although these browsers as desktop applications appear in the Windows Store app Store, but some special rules to allow the browser to imitate Windows 8 application, and use the special functions of Windows 8. But only Windows 8 support this mode, Windows RT doesn’t support.

at present, the new mode of Chrome on Windows 8 software vulnerabilities still exist, may cause the browser to collapse. But this reflects the future development direction of Google. Although Chrome Apps could be Google “Trojan horse”, but in the Windows 8 running Chrome OS will help Google in Windows to build their own application on the basis of ecological system. Google are also improved Chrome touch control function, make navigation in Windows 8 and Chrome OS more convenient.

it is not clear, whether similar patterns of Chrome OS will be a stable function of Windows 8 version of Chrome. However, Google is Microsoft’s Windows platform on the basis of developing its own ecosystem, it will be another battle to control the desktop computing.

source: sina science and technology