Not only is the lee These celebrities have suffered from cancer of science and technology

the morning wake up, weibo also is lee cancer news in refresh, as open copy people said, impermanence.

with the change of overall environment and working rhythm, not only is the lee, there are also numerous technology celebrities have cancer during work, although some have not worry about life, but psychologically it is indelible.

after reports that according to the survey, the average death age than a decade ago Beijing zhongguancun intellectuals shortened 5.18 years old, young and middle-aged intellectuals death rates more than twice as many old intellectuals. Although later research institute said the number has a little error, but the report of IT after all think this report at least reflect the present situation of IT people is health.

xiao yun for this inventory list of cancer executives in recent years, also remind everyone cherish life, take good care of the body.


in 2011, a generation of leader Steve jobs never left his beloved and apple fans, take away his life is pancreatic cancer, aged 56. Later, according to the doctor and nutrition expert John McCain doug’s introduction, Mr Jobs had cancer in the early 20 s and began to spread, the culprit is probably toxic chemicals from the electronics industry, and healthy eating habits to extend the lives of his jobs.

Microsoft co-founder Allen

in November 2009, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (Paul Allen) was diagnosed with a non-hodgkin’s large B cell lymphoma, this is a very common type of lymphoma, this once let him and his family.

for Allen, this is not fair. Because of more than 20 years ago, he had received in Hodgkin’s (Hodgkin ‘s) and the treatment of diseases, it is also a kind of cancer. So, Alan is belong to the second cancer.

another dual co-founder and CTO of Iraq – plug gallo has

in September 2012, Russia’s largest search engine, another dual co-founder and CTO of Iraq – plug gallo has (Ilya Segalovich) was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, and then for treatment. But a year later, before illness get better. On July 28, 2013, the sub – plug gallo has died, the 48-year-old.

, as the company’s chief technology officer, and CEO Arkady Volozh founded in 1997, with another dual, now another dual Russian search market 62% of the traffic, Google was 26%, the fourth worldwide more than Microsoft’s Bing. Company valuation is $10 billion.

HP former board chairman Mr Dunne

in December 2011, HP’s former board chairman patsy, Dunn (Patricia Dunn) for ovarian cancer, died at age 58.

dein as enterprise was once one of the most powerful women in the United States, she joined the HP’s board in 1998, became chairman of the board of directors in 2005, after resigned due to health problems. Dunn glorious period in investment banking, as well as in the HP board for nine years, she has been in the unremitting struggle against disease.

original agent netease CEO ted sun

on September 18, 2005, netease’s acting chief executive of ted sun died, died aged 38. And two days before he died, he was still in through the email and the company’s employees.

ted sun as acting CEO in September 2001, netease is under pressure to accounting scandals, litigation, and the threat of delisting, let a person suspect the company can not survive. Capturing the netease one and a half years of time, ted sun at least have solved the problem of netease be prosecuted, the company shares on the nasdaq stock market trading, and netease also to profit, in 2003, stock up three times in the past three months.

purple light software (wuxi) king of former chairman and President of the company in accordance with the group

unisplendour former senior vice President, purple light software (wuxi) king of former chairman and President of the company in accordance with the group (1967-2012), on March 26, 2012 due to lung cancer, treatment is invalid, just 45 years old. King in accordance with the group in 2011 won the “China software and information service brand construction leader” title.

warren buffett

on April 17, 2012, 17 “stock god” buffett to company Berkshire hathaway inc shareholders letter, announced he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but now have life risk.

buffett said in the letter, after diagnosed with prostate cancer. He and the doctors decided to starting in mid-july for two months of radiotherapy. During this trip will be limited, but daily work will not change. So far, Mr. Buffett body in good condition, also did not retire. But there is speculation that his succession planning in advance about it.

yahoo’s former CEO bartz

filed bartz, you first thought might be “iron lady”. Little imagine, her early breast cancer. Before induction of yahoo, the first day at Autodesk, bartz is obtained with breast cancer, and to ask for leave for a month, then bartz will struggle with the disease. Until now, also did not see have great influence to his job.

angels xue savages

in May 2011, a prominent angel investors xue barbarian release weibo has been diagnosed with colon cancer, hopes to offer help, experts said it would with a positive attitude in the face of disease, will be on weibo and record their struggle with cancer, in order to remind people attach importance to health, and therefore is called “cancer” the first person. After treatment, xue barbarian to recover.