Not only is a software part! Google also independent development of unmanned vehicle

Beijing time morning news on August 24, the Wall Street journal, a former journalist, Jessica lessing (Jessica Lessin) wrote on his personal website on Friday, according to sources, in addition to software of driverless cars, Google is trying to independent design and development of driverless cars vehicle.

source said that in recent months, Google has been discussing with generation of industrial and commercial development conforming to the guidelines of Google’s new car. Google had to negotiate with the mainstream car brand, introduce self-driving technology in their cars. But the talks failed to succeed.

sources said about driverless cars can provide what kind of service, Google has innovative ideas. Google takes into account the individual user oriented sales driverless cars, at the same time also considering using driverless cars “taxi” robots, offered the car service. It is not clear whether Google will independently conduct such services. Google is no comment for this news.

auto production of negotiations

according to sources, Google has with the major auto parts manufacturers, such as Continental AG and Magna International negotiations, according to the development direction of Google production cars. Foxconn helped apple (501.02, 1.62, 0.32%) company manufacturing hardware manufacturers such as mobile phones and computers, and these auto parts manufacturers are provided to the mainstream car brand accessories, help them to assemble cars.

on Thursday, the German frankfurter allgemeine zeitung reported that Google has been close to one of the world’s largest auto parts supplier Continental AG reached a cooperation agreement, the development of unmanned vehicle systems. Report did not give more details, and the related company also declined to comment.

Google looking for generation of industrial and commercial initiatives show that cars will also cheap commercialization trends like computers and cell phones. Computers and mobile phones of the fuselage is mostly by the lower cost of generation of industrial and commercial production, while software and applications becomes more and more important.

although Google’s lack of expertise on how to make cars, but the company has the experience of hardware about cars. According to sources, Google has developed a rotating laser radar, can get around the car environment information, and provide the Google software for analysis.

it is not sure, whether Google will cooperate with generation of industry and commerce developed car. Sources said that Google is still looking for cooperation with famous brands. Independent development has become a typical Google. In recent years, Google, we design our own mobile phones and laptops, encourage other hardware vendors to follow its pace, adopt new Android and Chrome software.

pressure on carmakers

a person familiar with the matter said, Google hopes to put pressure on mainstream car brand, push them to accept automated driving technology, and no matter whether they are working with Google. This person also said that Google has been found that the major manufacturers are gradually add more unmanned function in the car. There is no doubt that auto makers in the past many years has invested heavily in research self-driving technology, and Google announced it was not until 2010 was the research of this technology.

by independent design, and find a generation of industry and commerce to assist production, Google will directly with the United States the domestic and foreign each big brand competition. Auto makers also need generation business help assemble car, but for the application of the unmanned technology way has a different view.

according to sources, Google doesn’t think the mainstream car brand to develop 100% of driverless cars. Auto industry executives, such as Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche (Dieter Zetsche) at an event earlier this summer, said the company hopes to promote automation, driving some boring elements such as the operation in the traffic jam, but never make fun of driving automation.

, for example, will be later in the year of sale 2014 Mercedes s-class cars will be able to slow down or speed up according to the vehicles movement condition, in addition also provides a steering auxiliary function, maintain the center of the car in the driveway.

robot taxis

according to sources, Google is exploring a concept is that its self-driving car how to become a part of the robot taxi service. Service like this need to maintain a driverless cars team, according to need to pick up passengers. Google believes that such a service means that ordinary people will not need to have cars, this will reduce the number of traffic accidents.

a understand Google plans, according to people familiar with the last year, Google had considered in some cities in the United States to help launch a service robot taxis. This way is similar to Google’s high-speed broadband fiber “Google” project. Google has launched Google fiber in the Kansas city area services, forcing the current Internet access service provider to improve speed. Google robot taxis originally still need the driver sitting in the driver’s side, dealing with emergency.

however, another, according to people familiar with Google’s recent focus on “find a way to expand”, or to serve consumers provide driverless cars. It is not clear, if not cooperate with dealer network is owned by automakers, Google can do this.

“moon project”

direct sales driverless cars, or provide a taxi service robots, this plan will be very complicated. The difficulty will be much higher than that of the Google’s core online advertising business.

Google now has a small unmanned vehicle fleet. Sources said the driverless cars with Toyota cars, Google installed in car cameras, sensors, radar and specific software, costs about $150000 per car. And through independent design some accessories, Google is trying to reduce the cost.

financial risk explains why Google by Google X department is engaged in the self-driving car project. Near the headquarters of Google, Google X laboratory focus on Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) said “the moon project”, which may lead to high returns of risky projects.

there is no doubt that Google driverless cars will be in the policy and regulatory resistance. Google is committed to promoting the legalization of driverless cars in the United States. Google has previously in Nevada, California, Florida and other states and Washington, d.c., legislation, which can test self-driving cars on public roads.

source: sina science and technology