Not every rich second generation sex – snooping on tencent weibo presence


this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

version! Commercial! Reverse! ………… Without any sign of silence already a long time of tencent weibo suddenly shine, do I wait for the unknown the truth of the masses, the move is relationship to their turns.

counter attack and counter attack is really want? Unfortunately, though, I and my friends every day poking fun at weibo product manager of god the same logic, but we spray is the rice is said to be only about 200 of the microblog. The implication, the head of the rich second generation aura tencent weibo now haven’t practice to be sprayed.

why rich second generation is to spray, there has been much beloved “principal” are analyzed in detail, I and friends to general arrangement is as follows:

1, positioning failure

the heart have how far, can walk how far, in dealing with different companies weibo frame of mind, this product is also determines the current industry competition pattern. Wanted initially, sina portal showing weakness, accidentally discovered the opportunity of weibo immediately after resisting force of the company, with years of accumulated experience in media have the advantage of today. Sina executives more than once emphasized that weibo is the second venture of the company, not successful then even pressure.

in tencent weibo, completely is a type of product. Pony horse for the team at that time, do not make weibo, regardless of the resources, regardless of the investment scope, sina weibo. At that time the tencent weibo style from ma a word at that time, “these two years weibo competition is heating up… If do not good, no input, definitely continue to be biased in the future. So everyone regardless of the cost, we vote for tens of millions of ads, sina for tens of millions of advertising to kill.”

this war like ebay ebay by purchasing portal advertising, large-scale sniper taobao exclusive agreement. And the result is the same, taobao success counter attack, sina weibo is also established. Next weibo a procession, and tencent weibo KPI assessment has not reached the requirements of Mr Ma, thereby reducing budget, adjust the personnel, make tencent weibo.

some play is life, some play money, head high and low stand up. This a moment, barefoot won the shoes again. In other words, tencent weibo lack is not money but ambition.

2, rivalry failure

weibo who is the greatest enemy? WeChat! Tencent weibo who is the biggest enemy? WeChat! Yes, tencent micro letter.

one informant tencent weibo is very nostalgia for 2011 years, when they had a great, because as long as know weibo to launch a media, they will call the media, “sina to position I pay double the price now, I want to be exclusive, don’t you sell to sina.” The final effect is, tencent weibo spent five times the opponent’s money, didn’t also can delay the pace of development.

more let them off guard, that year, tencent guangzhou institute developed a thing called micro letter, quickly became the user is new bestow favor on, also become the Pony horse to be bestowed favor on newly.

the latest news is that many WeChat management promotions in this week, the personnel adjustment was not to the outside world WeChat heading the answers, but one thing is certain, WeChat founding team for tencent top for sure. While weibo management, a few years at piaffe. Tencent internal employees, said ma current job focus entirely on WeChat, it will talk about WeChat, tencent network media group of competent weibo microblog department general manager XingHongYu weibo’s development strategy is put forward, also did not reply as usual to give advice and opinions. “Tencent copying a other company’s products are quickly before, weibo is a special case, marginalization is a thing in the morning and evening.” Tencent internal even came such a voice.

3, failed to show MOE

I’m your what (cute)


ll: I just weibo (anger)

only in this way, I can every day on you…

three separate vulgar, but not rough rough words. Please open your friends phone and have a look at his most commonly used a few applications, tencent WeChat, sina weibo is sure to row in the top four, but how many of you and your friends phone with tencent microblogging door side? Or, installed the tencent microblogging door side, how long have you haven’t seen him on again?

even if earnings in 2011, tencent said – “tencent weibo increased significantly in 2011… As China’s largest microblog. In tencent weibo from think to reach the highest point, Mr Ma has not reported to the mobile data, may be able to see the clue.

now market and a decade ago, is no longer as five years ago, all the products have been in the mobile terminal layout, the mobile client will decide the future competitive landscape. In the mobile Internet market, this theory is still valid, the first 80% of the market, and the rest of the second to compete for only 20% of the market, under such a pattern, there is a chance you say tencent weibo? For such competition pattern, do you think Mr Ma’s patience will have how old?

tencent internal is said to have a very strange phenomenon, department do hope ma to see, want to see after ma to some of the resources and support, in order to best ma channel is the media, this may be the recent tencent weibo kept said he recently launched new products to new ideas.

just like a small third line star, there was a drama in front but failed to change, then can only take off, to command attention. As a down and out, the rich second generation of tencent weibo finally unbearable, began to brush sense continuously, hope that through some public ways are not forgotten. Although the sounds small, but I still hope to gather in the end people can remember the name of tencent weibo.

cannot be said that the rich second generation don’t work hard, at least brush presence TA devised by way of public relations, but outside in the fight against strong weibo, to play within the “star of tomorrow” micro letter, in addition to occasionally brush a brush, tencent weibo now in a relationship with the user to take turns, really difficult.