North Korea’s 3 g mobile phone users has reached nearly 2 million

Said, as the only official in north Korea mobile network operators, Korea telecom company in December 2008, launched the third generation mobile communication business. At present the business has covered the Pyongyang and other 15 cities and more than 100 small cities, the number of users multiplied.

in September 2009, Korea telecom company has only 100000 3 g mobile phone registered users; By February 2012, the number of users reached 1 million people, and in the same year November broke through 1.5 million. However, the north koreans can only use certain 3 g services, such as SMS and MMS, video phone, but not be able to connect to the Internet around the world, also can’t dial international long distance phone call or talking to toward foreigners.

since January of this year, allowing foreigners to carry mobile phones from north Korea, then still moving in the capital, Pyongyang, foreigners with 3 g mobile Internet services.

Egypt’s orascom telecom, with north Korea’s letters bureau in 2008, a joint venture koryo telecoms firms, which orascom account for 75% of the shares, the Korean letters bureau account for 25% of the shares.