Nokia’s suicide note

hunting cloud network special correspondent: qinchuan

my name is nokia, this is my letter, is my autobiography.

I used to be a world champion, was half a world of people rely on me to pass on information, communication emotion. But, I don’t know what time, I seem to run out of the blue, can’t adapt to the earth.

recently, middle-aged picked up a call Microsoft’s dying, I and my heritage, he said I have to save, but I really doubt, because of his illness and I didn’t do much like – change management. Speaking of my disease, but also from my birth.

I was born in 1865, has experienced many times in his life a big change. I first in the country to do the pulp for money, then also make the rubber and cable business. Later, a television to say to want to and I cooperation development of wireless telephone, I agreed. Didn’t expect this decision finally let me become the world’s largest wireless phone makers.

I always spend a lot of money to do research and development, my mobile phone product line is very rich, I am out of the speed of new product quickly.

do you know what the exchangeable shells, rocker, artistic shape, game mobile phone, camera, MP3, scratchable latex menu, intelligent operating system etc. These are all I have success. And a lot of people like to get my product to self-defense, key when big hit people hit the car.

so I each product has a high attention and long cycle life, I have a lot of fans. In each grade of high school low-grade market, ranking second in the MOTOROLA can’t than with me.

began in 2007, everything changed.

in 2007, there was a spring called apple to sweeten with only one called the iPhone the appearance of mobile phones is redefined, interaction design, and the relationship between developers, and the relationship between the operators and even changed the whole marketing and pricing strategies. Have to say, he put the mobile Internet to each user’s, have changed the industry as a whole ecosystem.

the harvard business review, there are a lot of media said I arrogant, complacent, not to realize these trends and changes. They are also too look down upon me!

as early as in 2006 I had captured the trend of the development of the Internet. My own butler (you call CEO) at the time said “nokia is eager to stand in the forefront of the new era, and become the real integration of the Internet and mobile company”.

when I began to experience respectively transformation of Internet companies. I know for this transformation, what is the most important: “to my strategic transformation, speed is essential, namely how to make a quick decision in a rapidly changing”, “I will pay attention to speed, very willing to take risks, and attempt to fail.”.

I opened as early as 2000, allows users to download a small piece of music the bell of the portal. I bought 06 German electronic navigation software developers Gate5, at the same time the acquisition with iTunes Loudeye competition of the world’s largest independent music sales platform. I also bought the United States in ’07 Navteq map suppliers and media sharing site Twango, I was a year earlier than the App Store launched its Internet portal OVI. My house is big main restructuring the internal departments.

I never afraid of change before, I was successful in several big changes. But this time my family size housekeeper didn’t ready for this change, and the servant directly to just waste my breath problems we face at home and abroad.

before the change, I am a conservative, rigorous, simple. Suddenly asked me to become innovative, breaking my rules for many years, be like suddenly let an elephant to jump pavan, I obviously can’t adapt. I and my family housekeeper, servants thinking and ways of doing things is very few.

with me so many years of experience, I didn’t expect the crisis would come so off guard, I lost a sniper rivals the best time.

after the huge success, I should accelerate the update of my product, but I haven’t been able to take out a decent product, also can’t change my pricing strategy, nobody don’t suspicion I something expensive.

I’m stuck in the past in the housekeeper and servants at a loss, from random condition. In 2009 to my house at the same time also support three kinds of operating systems, mobile phones are still in use “run” the Symbian, tablet with Windows 7, at the same time the Maemo Linux system used in “mobile computing devices” (my housekeeper is obviously not thinking of the mobile Internet; Although the name of the plural form, but actually only out of a product). My faithful software developers estimate was angry?

even, I started a year earlier than the App Store Internet portal OVI has been commercial official until four years later in 2011.

my product’s market share slipped down, stock prices fell again and again fall, a financial ratings drop down again. Days really not bottom go to.

in September 2010, the first time I use a big foreign housekeeper Stephen Elop. This man is a little good, he soon realized my crisis. In February 2011, he sent servants a memo to all the people in my family is a wake-up call. He wrote:

“we stand on the real combustion of offshore oil platform, we have to decide how we should change our actions”

“competition from our rivals is hot, is beyond our imagination burning… Apple has redefined the intelligent mobile phone market, and attract a ticket for software developers to a closed but he is a very powerful mobile ecosystem, it also forced the entire market has to make a change.”

“apple to rewrite the rules of the game, the mobile phone market today, they can be said to be have a high-end mobile phone market.”

“Google has also created a strong suction, attracted a large number of mobile phone industry in innovation and become the core (Android).”

“since the first iPhone in 2007 shipment till today, we will not be able to produce a can in the user experience can nearly as products; Android was also but just two short years, has been in this week (then) stole our leading position in intelligent mobile phone market. It’s so incredible!”

“Nokia has many first-class innovation, but always can’t push them into the market; We were confident that former partner will be in high order smart mobile phone platform to win, but at this rate, by the end of 2011, we will only have a former partner product, presumably to circulate on the market.”

“for Symbian development platform to catch the consumer’s growing demand, is obviously more and more difficult… “

“our competitors are not to take the city of hardware products, but with a mobile phone ecosystem (competitive)… “

“in the past, we poured gasoline on their platform; I believe that what we lack in the past, one is able to integrate and lead the company through a reliable shoulder, leadership skills, we made a lot of mistake, missed too many opportunities, we will promote in the market of speed is slower; We internally are no cooperation. Nokia, our platform is burning!”

then Elop took all the stewards, servants, and I do with my life bet, jumped from the burning platform and dived into the cold sea – unknown abandoned Symbian or former partner, turned to the arms of the Windows Phone system.

he also to do, may die or better than inevitable death.

I know, my servant development system make uncertain, I also missed the chance to be and Android in hand, go hand in hand again as Android I how to compete and samsung them? Breakthrough is so hard.

Microsoft do system have rich experience, I think he should be able to do? In this way, I could concentrate on play to the advantages of themselves in the aspect of hardware. You said I choose wrong?

in fact, I was wrong is wrong in not good communication with my other housekeeper and servants, they all didn’t want to so much, and my idea is not the same. Even though we are tied together, but they seem like I don’t swim direction.

and I bet it’s too big. When I found, I have been with Microsoft tightly tied up, I was hoping to he save me in the sea, the results in the end I found he didn’t me swimming, I was he was badly hurt.

on September 3, 2013, perhaps is the end of my life, I’ve only a sigh of relief. Microsoft spent $7.17 billion on my property, my fame and my housekeeper and became his servants. Think at the beginning, I valued at $250 billion in 2000, is apple 24 times…

one day, maybe my life will be a Change in an MBA program Management (Change Management) in a classic case.

so later, the doctor said to me: change management, first should realize the great changes in the status quo, and then arouse the consciousness of crisis to deal with the problem, and guide you to adapt to change, then the right plan for the future, and let everyone understand and approved the plan, to remove obstacles, and quickly open the situation, never give up before the final in the new situation to establish, and to ensure that change is not the custom of the rigid and stubborn to kill.

I clearly did not do these, can you say Microsoft?

in this paper, the author is hunting cloud network special correspondent qinchuan (weibo)