Nokia’s board of directors and elop work agreement exposure: if the latter can help to sell the company, will get a table

yesterday, “Forbes” quoted Finland’s largest newspaper the Helsinki newspaper news pointed out that the agreement signed with Stephen elop, nokia’s work points out that if elop can help the realization of control “change” or “break up sell” desire, so he will get $25 million. ‘

just last week, nokia’s chairman Siilasmaa said publicly, the company signed with elop work contract with former CEO’s are not too big different. Can in a short span of a few days later, on Tuesday, nokia company legal department announced that due to negligence, the company did not distinguish between two ceos work the differences in the contract.

therefore, Forbes considered three elop reasonable behaviors under the incentives:

the first, during the reign of elop, let nokia shares tumbled, and was in serious financial crisis;

second, under financial pressure, elop logical to contribute to Microsoft for nokia acquisition;

the third, after the acquisition for nokia’s shares rose sharply, but there is still no return to elop before joining nokia’s share price.

how strange world, nokia directors actually wants to get rid of the company mobile phone department the burden. However, after we have seen since the arrival of Stephen elop, nokia’s really realize the three wishes.


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