Nokia to Microsoft update WP pig teammates 】 【 8 slowly

Microsoft still slowly released in Windows Phone 8 , 2014 to launch the next version. But nokia’s anxiety has been unable to hide, to Microsoft this update speed is very disappointed.

nokia, senior vice President responsible for the development of the application of Bryan Biniak to the media, said: nokia is trying to help Microsoft evolved to realize “time critical” way of thinking…

since last 11 on Windows Phone 8 announced, nokia continuously introduce new equipment. However, the lack of application and software updates has been its weakness. Biniak said: “we frequently with new hardware, however, if the user found we lack he application on your mobile phone, then we will miss the sales opportunity. He thinks Microsoft focus on the annual target budget, however, “wait until the end of fiscal year to statistical goals have not conducive to improve the situation. After all, we need to sell your mobile phone right now.”

as a partner, Biniak not denounced Microsoft, yet his frustrations, no words in disguise. “Smartphone is not just about the hardware, it is related to hardware tools. No application of mobile phone can’t sales, how all don’t sell.” Speak of the application, he said he is very understand, only the users care about the application of sound, users would consider transfer to the new system. So he called for Microsoft and nokia work together to give users a choice Windoows Phone the reason. “In order to let you choose our system, we not only want to make sure that what you care about the application of we also have here, try to ensure that our of the same kind of application better. We try to provide you with what other device does not have special experience.”

in addition to frustration, Binaiak also think things are improving: now more and more difficult to hear “ Windows Phone . Nokia will not stand by and wait for Microsoft to improve, “as a company, we are not totally dependent on others, is sitting there waiting for things to improve himself.” Nokia will continue to promote Windows Phone updates, for example in some compatible devices support bluetooth 4.0 . Microsoft is also trying to develop, strive for in the next release, was said to have been Windows Phone Blue ) to support more new chips and hardware.