Nokia to blow “symbian wind restoring ancient ways,” for the company added sleep screen saver features

nokia “sleep screensaver” was the most remarkable in its mobile phone a function. Just launch the stage of history in symbian system today, nokia seems to blow the wind restoring ancient ways, keep adding in a new generation of WP is similar to the symbian phones customization capabilities.

earlier in the summer of 925, the company nokia for its configuration a function called “Glance”. In addition to allowing users in the case of don’t wake up mobile phone display mobile phone clock and power, users can also through the light and two mobile phones, to start the unlock function. Soon after, nokia launched “Peek” again, this small set allows users through the way of manual shaking, to check the time and notice.

yesterday, nokia on the road of “retro” follow the step, released a Glance beta application background image. By this function, the user can choose the machine with 4 pictures as Glance dynamic background, also can use your own pictures. Not only that, the application also allows the user to graffiti images, and it also comes with a different dynamic display function.

it is understood that the app can from. But it only supports the following nokia models: the company in 1020, 928, 925, 920, 820, 920, 620 (upgrade to GDR2). Low Lumia625 cheap version and 520 does not support this function.