Nokia, the company will be equipped with 1020 41 million megapixel camera!

has been focused on the Nokia 1020, the company has new features. A group from, by the Windows Phone project manager Joe Belfiore upload photos to show us the company 1020 ultra clear picture performance – 41 million pixels. Two is considered to be most likely to be taken by the company 1020 photos, resolution 2947 x 1658 respectively (5 million pixels), 2352 x 1568 (3.7 million pixels). This means that the company 1020 PureView (pure view) will provide us with the resolution of the diversified options.

although Flicher and EXIF (translator note: Exchangeable image file format is the abbreviation of Exchangeable image files, is specially designed for digital camera photo set, can record digital photos of attribute information and data), such as photos of the record information can be forged or change, but for Belfiore, he seems unlikely in his real-name flickr and the masses of users “joke” (fake photographs).

it is understood that nokia will launch in New York on Thursday the company 1020 (code for EOS), then it will also comes with a specially designed for easy one-handed shot. Currently, nokia is the “great fanfare” upcoming products, their slogan is “41 million enlarged photo of reason”.