Nokia plans to invest light field camera technology company

on May 1, according to bloomberg, nokia plans to invest a startup that makes showed type camera technology, their real strength lies in to make a small enough to fit into the phone camera parts.

it is understood that the company called Pelican Imaging, specialized production complex sensor array, and combined them and algorithm processing, let users even after completion of the pictures can also be used to adjust focus. This means that they don’t need showed light field technology lens, can be stuffed into a mobile phone.

nokia for camera technology always wanted: first they launched 41 million PureView unique 41 million pixels, then in 920 the company fluctuation full time is of the optical image stabilization. Now, there are rumors that the company will usher in a series function is not discounted PureView smartphones.

and showed the type of camera system to join fly is for nokia, if nokia can fully develop its usefulness. Otherwise, it will be another stunt, is not a little help for product sales.

translation: sohu IT