Nokia mobile phones for $20 to bet on the future

Beijing time on April 30, in the field of more than $500 smartphones, nokia will pursue it seems have apple and samsung. As a result, nokia’s feature phones offer a $20, maybe this product can bring some to the new climate.

the nokia 105 sell for as little as 3% of the latest iPhone, but there are pre-loaded games, color screen, radio, telephone time service, and a flashlight, and other functions. As nokia’s cheapest mobile phones, nokia 105 has been in a few weeks ago on the market in India and Indonesia, and will soon be on sale in Europe.

all tube is a cheap goods, but the nokia 105 mobile phone business in the whole company occupies an extremely important position. On April 18, nokia reported, its sales in the first quarter of the mobile phone number is less than analysts expect 11 million mobile phones, the functions of mobile phone sales fell by 21%, to 55.8 million units. If can not get the revitalization of low-end nokia mobile phone business, its research and development of new products to challenge apple’s iPhone and Google Android smartphone efforts is unsustainable.

FIM asset management, fund managers mika? (Mika hakkinen Heikkinen) that function’s fall really worries nokia mobile phone sales. Nokia aspects should make this kind of situation is manageable. Hakkinen about $2.5 billion in assets under management, including nokia’s share.

nokia CEO Stephen? Elop (Stephen Elop) told investors after the earnings release, after a difficult season, the appearance of the nokia 105 indicate their low-end mobile phone business will get better.

signal recovery

although demand for the iPhone and Android devices makes the smartphone mobile phones on the market of the fastest growing areas, feature phones are still accounted for more than half of the world’s total sold by mobile phone. This means that each quarter has hundreds of millions of sales of mobile phones. In this field, nokia has been in a dominant position, but with the rise of Asian companies such as huawei and zte, samsung, nokia has also been more and more serious impact. Nokia said the nokia 105 will be profitable, but refused to disclose any details. Liberum, according to the analysis of the nokia 105 profit margins of 20%.

in the nokia 336 million mobile phones were sold last year, smartphones accounted for only 10%. Feature phones account for 31% of revenue, nokia smartphones accounted for only 18%.

before apple launched the iPhone in 2007, nokia has big half of mobile phone market. Since then, however, nokia’s shares fell more than 80%, samsung shares rose 154%, however, apple’s share price has quadrupled. So far, nokia’s market value of about 9.44 billion euros.

developing markets

nokia hopes to launch the nokia 105, to establish its brand image of the developing countries such as China and India. Nokia’s theory of logic is that now consumers to buy the nokia 105 maybe in a few years later will buy nokia’s high-end products.

a market research firm IDC analyst Francisco? ROM monitor (Francisco Jeronimo) that have broad market of low-end nokia mobile phone development opportunities in the emerging economies. These consumers may have in the future will use nokia’s high-end mobile phone upgrade. Therefore, keep this part of the market of high share is a good business strategy.

a market research firm Strategy Analytics analyst Neil in London? Moss (Neil Mawston from) think, very competitive nokia 105, will contribute to the realization of low-end mobile phone recovery. Had previously released nokia 1280, nokia is that the phone in the past three years has sold more than 100 million units.

moss, said: “the function of mobile phone in the past decade has been the cornerstone of nokia.”

standby time 35 days

the auditor monie thinks, nokia’s mobile phone production in the field, this enables the company to make a profit on the mobile phone of $20. For once the world’s largest mobile phone maker nokia, its can through the global seven factories produce 600000 mobile phones a day. Chinese rivals may also can produce as the nokia 105 cheap mobile phone, but they lack the nokia mobile phone function and service.

the nokia 105 is much cheaper than the nokia 1280 25%, but 56% of the standby time is better than the latter, about 35 days. The phone waterproof and dustproof, its based on short message service and provide the basic health care advice can teach English.

business r&d director dirk nokia cell phone? Dida, Carl’s (Dirk Didascalou) said that although the nokia 105 have the function, but the company still try to simplify the mobile phone software, it will be beneficial to lower the cost.

attention the company

dida, Karl said, in order to succeed in low-end phones, especially need to focus on creating value for innovations. If not, the cost of the final product will be higher than other competitors.

even if nokia mobile phone sales decline the function part attracted investors’ attention, but the main goal of the nokia or full recovery was achieved by smart phones, which have higher profit margins.

nokia sold 5.6 million units in the first quarter the company mobile phone, higher than the 4.4 million units in the fourth quarter of last year. But, according to Strategy Analytics, according to data from the iPhone and Android controlled the smartphone market share of 90%, compared to 3% of nokia. Finland Evli investment bank analyst m test? Eritrea tile and (Mikko Ervasti) said that even if recovery low-end nokia mobile phone business, now also is very hard to decide whether it can break the smartphone duopoly market situation.

urban tile and said, “are likely to remain the world’s second largest mobile phone maker nokia. If nokia wants to long-term success, however, must also have their own good smartphones.”

translation: tencent technology