Nokia had planned to develop a & quot; Panel removable “smart watches

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, nokia has plans to develop a called “facets” smart watch. And the outstanding characteristic of this watch is: it is composed of multiple display screen.

August month, nokia has filed a patent application, revealed the news in this file. Nokia said the above product as a “wearable parts” of a multiple parts (below).

media released a “concept video” about this watch. Where we see that the Facet total consists of six screens. Each screen can display the different references, and slip through gestures, the application can switch between the different screens. In addition, each screen is removable.

display space is limited has always been a smart watch is the focus of the users complain issues. Maybe nokia is to think through the presentation of multiple screen, to make smart watches to achieve more.

given Microsoft’s acquisition of nokia’s case will be completed early next year finally, perhaps the equipment will be aborted. But with numerous technology giant poured into the smart watch war, the idea of nokia will help Microsoft make a wearable device? ?

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